Run Like Hell!

We’ve all heard the stories of people looking for jobs in the fire service, and some thing they considered a minor problem in their past has kept them out of the fire service. Lets make sure not to add our selves to that list.

Nothing will get you kicked out of the background check faster than a D.U.I or a domestic violence charge. Both usually involve drugs or alcohol. Don’t be stupid. If you are going to be drinking have a designated driver, get a cab, stay in a motel, hell sleep under a bridge, but don’t risk throwing all of the time, education, and dreams you had for so long away over a lapse in judgment.

If you’ve been in a bad relationship, and you don’t get along with that person, make it easy on everyone and just stay the hell away from them. It is so easy for things to get out of hand and then the police are there, and latter on you’re having to explain it to a background investigator.

“But I’m the best firefighter in the world, if they could just see how good I am they’d take me for sure”. I’ll tell you right now it ain’t so. Robert Downey Jr. is probably one of the better actors out there. Do you expect to see him on another T.V. show any time soon? Don’t bet on it. If a dept. has 100 people to pick from, they don’t need to take a chance on someone that has blown it in the past, so don’t blow it. If by chance you end up in one of these situations you need to do every thing you can to minimize the damage. I’m not talking about doing a “Bill Clinton”, but anything you have to do to make it right. I know of one guy who told his girlfriend he wanted to break up, and she had thought they were going to get married. In the scuffle that in sued she got a scratch on her and then the police arrived. He was being charged with domestic violence, and was in the hiring process for a dept. He had to make up with her, get her to say it wasn’t his fault she was scratched, and then keep her happy so she doesn’t change her mind.

With all of the preparation we all must go through to get this job, keep in mind to protect your record. Do every thing you can to not have to be explaining things to a background investigator. Prepare before you go out to have a good time, make all of the necessary arrangements before you’ve been drinking, while your head is clear. If you get into any sticky situations that look like they might go bad, there is one solution that’s never failed me RUN LIKE HELL, AND DON’T LOOK BACK.

Good Luck



Rob is Captain Bob's Son.  He works for Contra Costa fire department. He does all the entry level coaching by phone nationwide.  You can contact him direct with your questions or set up a coaching appointment @ 707-869-1330.  or e-mail @ nrtc@sonic.net

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