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I have a question for you. I recently tested with a city for a Firefighter position. At the completion of the written, skills test, and interview. The Chief's oral is soon.

Today the top candidates participated in the physical agility. At the beginning of the physical the Chief stated that failing any portion of the physical will result in disqualification. We went in order of our scores. Number One went over the time limit in event #2. The Chief (present throughout the physical) turned to the rest of us and asked if it was OK for Number One to repeat the event. I remained silent while the other candidates mumbled OK. Number One repeated the event and was under the allotted time. Number Four was also unsuccessful on his first attempt at this event. He also was under time on his second attempt. The rest of the physical ran smoothly without anyone failing another portion.

At the conclusion of the interview I was going to speak to the Chief about the fact that these candidates were allowed to continue in this process until he thanked us for the display of teamwork he witnessed today. I feel that this was not fair to the rest of the candidates to allow these guys to continue in the process. I feel for these guys but at the same time I want a job. I was not allowed to try and better my written score or my interview score. Why should they get a second chance at the physical? Especially if the Chief stated in the beginning that failure of any portion of the physical would disqualify a candidate from the process. This problem might resolve itself. Several firefighters were present at the physical and were obviously upset that the Chief allowed these candidates to continue. At any rate the Chief's oral is this week. I wanted to know your opinion on this situation. What can or should I do? I want a job more than anything right now. I don't necessarily want to raise beef with the Chief because I know I will not win that battle. Please understand I feel like a bad guy for even having these thoughts. I have put in a lot of hard work to come this far and I feel I should now be higher on the list.

Captain BoB

What should I do?


Let it go! If you don't, it will turn you inside out and affect you chief's oral. The Chief is doing it his way. Had you talked to him, you would have never, ever been hired by his department. Remember you are the rookie. You don't have an opinion.

I bet the chief wants the number one guy and had to let the number 4 retest to make it look OK.

If you're going to start out before you get the job by fretting over this, how are you going to be in a 25 year career?

These things have a way of working themselves out. If they are going to do a psyche test, check out our psych information on our web site first.

"Revenge is where I take the poison . . . and wait for you to die!"

Because, Absolutely nothing counts 'til you have the badge. Nothing!

"Captain Bob"

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