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So, you have done all that you can do. Gone back and completely reworked your answers to those questions you know they are going to ask in your oral board. You have built a presentation that you are proud of. One that reflects all of the effort you put into the construction, as well as all the time invested in practicing. You are going to get this next one, you know it.

But the problem is, the next interview is not even on the horizon, you have put in the applications, interest cards, and there still just is not anything happening. How do you keep it fresh, have it sound just the way you have got it now, in three months?

This is what I have done. You have got to keep going over your stuff to keep it in your memory just the way you want it, so every few days with or with out the tape recorder, maybe on your way to work you need to go over it. I try doing it fast, slow in a deep voice, like an evangelist. It helps to wear a hands free phone head set so people in the other cars do not stare. But beyond that I have found that motivational tapes are the way to keep your energy. In a process that can have a high failure rate you need something to keep your spirits up, and nothing does it for me more than Zig Zeigler.  The man is a dynamo. It does not matter which of his programs you listen to, they are all great. 

Just imagine if an oral board asks you about motivation or attitude, and you have been surrounding yourself with uplifting highly motivated input for the months before that. You could blow them away. There are lots of other motivations speakers including my dad, Captain Bob, and his Eat Stress For breakfast audiotape and book.  His books are being translated in China, Korea and Indonesia.  Motivational audiotapes are available in libraries, video stores, or over the Internet. This is what worked for me, and to tell you the truth I began to really look forward to going to interviews after I started doing this. Good Luck FIREFIGHTER ROB.



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Rob is Captain Bob's Son.  He works for Contra Costa fire department. He does all the entry level coaching by phone nationwide.  You can contact him direct with your questions or set up a coaching appointment @ 707-869-1330.  or e-mail @ nrtc@sonic.net

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