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Game Day

So the big day is upon you, the day youíve been waiting for and dreading at the same time. Youíve woken up in the middle of the night thinking youíre late, or youíre on time, but naked. Yes, itís the day of your oral interview. You have done everything you could think of to get ready for this day, and stressed that you havenít done enough. Lets make sure we donít make any little mistakes.

Whether this is your interview to be THE chief of L.A. city fire, or your fist interview to be a volunteer for Petticoat Junction Fire Dept, youíre going to be nervous. This can cause you to make little silly mistakes that could throw you off your rhythm. I remember before going on a big trip, I couldnít get my car to start. I called a tow. The driver took about 30 seconds to find Iíd left it in drive when I parked. I was a shaking mess when he got there, I was sure my trip was ruined.

You can do some things to keep this kind of thing from happening to you. Plan ahead. Do what my kids call build the man. In other words put out all of your clothes on the bed and make sure you have shoes and a belt that match, dark socks, etc.

If youíve never been to where the interview is, drive by. Find out where to park, see if there might be traffic problems at that time of day. If itís far enough away, getting a hotel room nearby is a good investment.

If your interview is on Wednesday, donít do any practicing after 5:00pm on Tuesday. Youíre not going to get any better, and you want to give your brain a chance to re-charge. You can go over everything one time on the drive in.

If you have time before you get dressed, get a good walk in. Youíve been making adrenaline all night, and thatís a good way to get rid of it, and clear your head. And speaking of stimulants, NO COFFEE before the interview, itís like pouring lighter fluid on a roaring camp fire, you wonít fall asleep, I promise.

I like to take a book or magazine with me to wait for my interview. Ask the person you check in with, if itís all right. When we give an oral interview, we are required by law to run half an hour late (just kidding). Itís nice to have something to divert your attention a little. Itís better than sitting there sweating, looking at the other people sweating, who are watching you sweat.

Before they call you, go into the bathroom and make sure thereís no spinach between your teeth, your tie is right, make sure your pants are zipped up and your hair looks good.

Hopefully if you can avoid any little mistakes in the days just before your interview, you can go in show them the real you, not the frazzled guy whose alarm didnít go off this morning.



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