Presenting Your Credentials?

Question: How do I present my credentials?

Captain Bob,

Hi! I am a 22 y/o female graduating from college this June in Exercise and Sports Science. I have read a lot of your advice on the Perfect Firefighter Candidate website, and I was hoping you could provide me with a few tips.

I have never been to an oral board before, except for my volunteer department (and it was pretty lax). Do I play-up my college education? My fire service experience 2.5 years?

I am currently the Resident Lieutenant, do I put emphasis on that? I am also an instructor for our local training institute. How do I make myself memorable to the board, or can I??

I read what you said about attire, and that was helpful, now I just need to go buy it!

Thanks in advance for your help,


Understand that you are applying for a snotty nose rookie position. This is a balancing act. If you come on too strong on your education, experience and training you could hurt yourself. This is not a corporate interview.

Too many candidates want to over impress the board. Those that are already firefighters or have experience like you have a tough time remembering this is an entry level position. You must be humble.

You can include the information in the question "What have you done to prepare for the position", but leave your rank and great status in your locker.

You have a lot of great credentials. When you're going for all the marbles you want as much of an edge as you can get.

Here's a recent testimony:

Captain Bob,

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you. I recently had you help me with my resume and I also ordered your audio/video package a couple months ago. I just found out that both of the departments I tested for are in the process of doing backgrounds on me.

I reviewed your program several times and worked on my script with the 30 oral board questions you have on your web page and utilized a tape recorder. I was prepared!

The one thing I did was Keep It Simple Sweetie. The money I spent on your program was worth every cent and I will recommend you to everyone I know. I followed your steps and now I have a shot at my dream job.

One more thing to pass on. I've been a firefighter for about 5 years now and thought that I had always done well in the past on oral boards. After reviewing your program I saw the mistakes I had made all the years before and even recently.

My advice to others is: Captain Bob is the way to go; don't waste your time with others, including firefighters like myself.

Thank You Very Much

Emil Ross

Absolutely nothing counts 'til you have the badge. Nothing!

"Captain Bob"

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