What's your Competitive Advantage?

Every Saturday there is a farmer's market in our town. Many booths sell strawberries. There is one strawberry booth though that has a long line until they sell out. If you asked anyone in the line that is a half block long, they would tell you that these strawberries are the best. People stand in line for up to 20 minutes. What makes these strawberries better?

Well, it is know that once strawberries are picked, they will not get any sweeter. So this farmer only picks his berries at the peak of their sweetness. One or two days later these berries would go to mush. But, this farmer knows he can pick his berries at their peak and have them sold the next morning. He also piles on extra berries as he bags up your purchase. This is his competitive advantage.

What are your uniqueness and competitive advantage in getting a badge? Something that is going to make you stand out among the other (strawberry booths) candidates? Is it your special uniqueness to take a program from inception to completion? Your long trail of customer service? Team concept? Strengths? The burning desire to continue when others' would quit?

Your special uniqueness doesn't have to be firefighter related. As a matter of fact, those candidates that can weave their personal life experience into their oral board answers run right by the other "Clone" candidates.

The point here is start writing down your special unique qualities that will give you that competitive advantage on your oral board game day that will inspire the board to say we want to hire this person. It can happen just that fast when you know what it is for you.

Absolutely nothing counts 'til you have the badge. Nothing!

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Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!

"Captain Bob"

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Fire "Captain Bob" Smith has coached countless entry level and promotional candidates to get their badge. He is a retired 28-year Hayward, Ca. Captain, speaker/author of the audio/video program "Conquer the Job Interview," the book "Fire Up Your Communication Skills" ISBN 09657620-6-8 and a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association. You can book him as a speaker or get a copy of his books and tapes by calling toll free at 888-238-3959.

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