Coaching Makes the Difference

Like most tests now, the written and physical are pass fail.

Here's what we know after 28-years. Candidates who get our program like you, use the work booklet, practice with the all important TAPE RECORDER, and come back for a private coaching session as you're talking about, catapult themselves into the Olympic camp. That's where you get a shot at that badge you have been looking for.

One on one sessions are where you get dialed into making your best presentation. It can make the difference between being down on a list and going for the chief's oral. Candidates armed with this information are the one's who are smoking past you in the oral, grab the badge and leave you as the brides maid. We know because we get the calls when they get their badge!

Imagine what a private session would do. I don't know about you, but I would want to place myself in a position where they can't go around you after that twenty minute oral.

The ball is now in your court. How are you going to return it for the badge?

Because, absolutely nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!

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"Captain Bob"

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Fire "Captain Bob" Smith has coached countless entry level and promotional candidates to get their badge. He is a retired 28-year Hayward, Ca. Captain, speaker/author of the audio/video program "Conquer the Job Interview," the book "Fire Up Your Communication Skills" ISBN 09657620-6-8 and a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association. You can book him as a speaker or get a copy of his books and tapes by calling toll free at 888-238-3959.

E-mail: captbob@verio.com  Web site: http://www.eatstress.com