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"Getting the

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FREE 101 Inside Secrets How to Get A Badge

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There is a wealth of information in past issues of our newsletter here

CPAT Agility

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FREE 10 day test drive of inside secrets.  Learn more here

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Five Nuggets for successful Oral boards

30 sample oral board questions

Bonus Nugget

Affiliate Program

New badges from our program

Check out how candidates have improved their position in gaining a badge. What changed?

Who’s Captain Bob?

Rob’s corner:  Wisdom and insight

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How to Become a Firefigher

Get an Immediate Edge and Bonus when you sign up for our Free Newsletter here

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FREE 101 Inside Secrets How to Get A Badge

Got A Question? Call or e-mail us here

LA City Fire Now Testing Monthly Here!

Los Angeles County Fire Testing

Entry Level Firefighter

Entry Level Coaching


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Psychological Interviews

Written Test

There is a wealth of information in past issues of our newsletter here

CPAT Agility

Coaching Entry Level

Coaching Promotional


FREE 10 day test drive of inside secrets.  Learn more here

Resume Service

Five Nuggets for successful Oral boards

30 sample oral board questions

Bonus Nugget

Affiliate Program

New badges from our program

Check out how candidates have improved their position in gaining a badge. What changed?

Who’s Captain Bob?

Rob’s corner:  Wisdom and insight

Seminar dates

Links to other firefighter web sites

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"Getting the

job of your

dreams is

like winning

the lottery!"







counts 'til

you have

the badge




less and


still the







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Got A Question? Call or e-mail us here

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LA City Fire Now Testing Monthly Here!

Entry Level Firefighter

Entry Level Coaching


Law Enforcement Testing

Oral Board Tools


New Badges!

Our slogan is "Nothing Counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"  Here to share this with you are the most recent recipients of their badges in our program:

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Entry Level:

Dear Capt. Bob

I have been testing for fire departments in my area fir approx. 12 years
now. Last year I was walking though the station house where I worked on
an ambulance with the local paid fire department, I overheard a couple
of guys talking about this Capt Bob guy. Not paying much attention, I
figured they were talking about one of the officers from the fire house,
Until I heard one of them say, "Capt Bob helped me excel to # 3 on my
oral boards", well this certainly intrigued me and I started listening a
little closer, until I asked "who is this Capt Bob guy" To my amazement,
one of the new recruits told me all about your program, and even offered
to let me use your tapes and video.

Capt Bob, I am here to say thank you, I listened to your tapes
faithfully for about a month and a half, even on vacation with a bunch
of buddies of mine, and I’d sit by the pool headphones on, learning the
golden nuggets of oral boards. Then next test I took for the Town of
North Haven Connecticut, I was fortunate to place number 1 on the oral
board, that combined with a decent written score has brought me to my
new career as a probationary firefighter with the Town of North Haven.

For all those recruits out there looking for an added bonus, and
encouragement in taking test, well I am here to tell I am a true success
story. I went from averaging 80's to acing my 1st oral after Capt Bob.

Again, Capt Bob, Thank you, you truly helped me go for a great job to a
wonderful career.

Jason Cusack
Probationary Firefighter
North Haven, Connecticut



Captain Bob, After a lengthy process of written test, physical agility tests, interviews, more interviews, I was finally called in for my conditional job offer with the fire chief and two assistant chiefs. I walked in very calm and confident but not over confident to were they could tell. I introduced myself to the chief and then the assistant chiefs. I had made it a chore to stop by the LR training academy on several occasions so that the training chief would remember me. He did and passed that on to the Fire Chief before I ever walked into the Fire Chiefs office. Needless to say, the interview was AWESOME. I was offered the job pending me passing my physical. Later that week, I passed the physical, got a final call from the OPS Chief with the final job offer and I start on the 14th of April. The Oral Board Entry Level CD/DVD Program that I purchased was worth more than what I paid for it. I can't believe how well I interviewed and it was all about the NUGGETS. Thanks Captain Bob.  Jason

 I am scheduled to receive my second fd badge here in a few weeks. Thanks for all the help. Karl

Captain Bob: Just wanted to say I purchased your package a year ago and a lot of the information was very useful and gave me insight as to what to expect throughout the hire process. I'm currently in Fire Academy through a local community college and about to graduate in May. I tested 6 months ago for a local large department and made it all the way through the Chiefs oral because I was prepared for each step in the process due to the information I learned in your package. On last Friday I received a letter in the mail notifying me I was HIRED and start on April 2nd! I got my Badge the FIRST Try!

Thanks Capt. Bob, could not have it with out your assistance! McCoy

I was hired and started the academy 02/11/08.  This is my dream department, and after 9 years I made it! Capt. Rob was right, I could get hired anywhere, but I needed to control the added anxiety and stress of going for my dream.

I have been a career FF/PM. I know that you have valuable advice about "leaving stuff in my old locker". Please forward any advice, links, or product information on this topic (being a rookie in the academy I don't have a lot of time to sort through stuff). Thank you again for everything, especially making my dream come true! Brian

P.S. Thanks Capt. Bob for the e-book Eat Stress for Breakfast that you sent me. I really do enjoy your products and I find them motivating!

My quest to become a fire fighter

Hi, I am 49 and will be 50 in June.  Last summer while working on the house of a fire fighter, I was intrigued to hear about his life as a fire fighter and asked him how I would go about taking the Physical Agility Test.  He asked me why I would stop at the agility test and not go all the way to becoming a fire fighter.  I gave it some thought, and decided to give it a shot.  I took a test through the local vocational school and then started taking tests for specific departments.  The first department that I tested for was the Tacoma fire department in Tacoma WA.  I then tested for four other departments I moved up in the process for all of the departments to the oral boards.  One of the departments that I tested for was a small, two-station department.  I went before the board, but that was as far as I went.  Fortunately, not getting the position proved to be in my best interest.  While doing a ride along with The Kent WA fire department, I received a call for an oral board with the Tacoma fire Department.  I thought that I had missed my chance to interview with this department, but apparently they didn't find the right people in their first set of interviews.  To make a long story short, thanks to the information that I received from you, I did excellent on my oral boards and am now in my 7th day of the academy.  There were 1400 applicants for 13 positions and I was the 5th one filled.  It had to be the oral boards, because my test score for that test was only 85, so thanks again. Craig

I did it!

Captain Bob,

this was the first position I applied for. . .

A little background about myself. . .

I am 39 years old, married to my wife for 13 years and have two elementary school aged boys.  Three years ago I was sitting behind a desk at a very comfortable career job of 10 years. . . and unhappy.  After many late night discussions with my wife, we decided to move to a rural community with a lower cost of living in order for me to pursue a more fulfilling career.  At the time I didn’t know it would be firefighting.   A few months after moving I went to my local fire department and signed up to be a volunteer.  Volunteering did for me what 7 years of school (BS & MBA) and 12 years of working in private industry couldn’t do. . . it showed me the opportunity for a career that is the most personally fulfilling thing I have ever been a part of.

About a year ago I decided I was going to pursue a career position in the fire service.  I got EMT-B certified through my local department, put myself through a community college fire academy (where I graduated top of my class) and began picking up as many per-diem shifts as I could for experience.  Of course, I purchased your book and CD and followed it religiously.

About three weeks ago I passed the written for a local, rural department and was then invited to the oral board.  After the oral board last week I was invited to the Chief’s interview which was yesterday morning.  Yesterday afternoon the chief called and offered me the badge and I start next Wednesday!

 By the way, this was the first position I applied for. . .

 While we have never met and only spoke very briefly on the phone, I want to thank you for your help.  While I believe I am a qualified candidate, I truly would not have been able to perform in the oral as well as I did without your help. Sincerely, Lance 

Oh yeah, I still get choked up about every 5 minutes thinking about it. . .

I Made it!

Capt.  Bob,  I finally secured my conditional offer of employment yesterday at 4pm.  I could have never made it without your help.  I'm a 36 year old energizer bunny with all the pressure in the world on my shoulders.  Your program is the real deal.  I tested for 15 years before I received the gold package. Thank you very, very , very, much from the bottom of my heart.  I can't put my feelings into words right now and I hope you understand.  Make sure you write me back to tell me what my badge number will be. Training starts March 5th.  Tony Grazziano 

Tony’s badge is 2,535 in our program.

Capt Bob,Just wanted to let you know the good news.  I came out number three on the engineers exam and have been given a badge.  There was three immediate openings and there will be two more this year.  I was in the first round!  Who would of thought after four short years three different departments I would get promoted to engineer.  I also have gotten married and now have a daughter.  For anyone that doesn't believe your program works is out of there mind.  I am living proof that it works and has worked multiple times.  I can't thank you enough for all the help and countless phone conversations you have given me.  With a little hard work and motivation you can achieve anything.  The next step is Captain  and even though I'm not ready yet I will be when the time comes.  To everyone out there that wants this job don't stop Trying and don't give up it is the best job in the world and is worth doing what it takes to get a badge. Thank you and you will be hearing from me.  Please pass this on to your son Captain Rob who did my entry level coaching, and thank him as well I know you have helped many candidates and will surly help many more to achieve there dream.  Chris

I got the badge!

Captain Bob, and Captain Rob,I am still overwhelmed and at a loss for words.  One thing I can say is thank you!  I am now coming back home where I started as a Reserve Firefighter.  The service that you two provide is so valuable. After purchasing your gold package and driving out to Captain Rob's house in Gurneyville for a private coaching session my scores sky rocketed.  I noticed that I had an edge over the competition.  By using your service as well as the service I was able to stay on top of the game.  I continue to send prospective candidates your way and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks again!  I have to go and begin packing!!  Jared

I got "the call" two weeks ago from a major department in Arizona. I'm extremely excited, and the ability to "really" enjoy the holidays was amazing. I owe a thank you to CaptBob - a great investment for me.

I just wanted to say thank you to Capt. Bob for all the advice. I just received my first conditional job offer for the Newport News Fire Department. I will start the academy in mid January. Once again thanks to everyone who has given me advice over the years. I wont forget where I came from. Been a vol for just about six years now and the thought and finally making this my profession is extremely exciting. Once again thanks to all and stay safe.

Age 39 and just got hired. Life experience counts for something. Do your self a favor and read everything that Capt Bob is willing to share at

Bob, I don't know if you will remember me, but you and I exchanged numerous e-mails after I purchased your program.  I wanted to thank you for your insight and thank you for the personal e-mails you exchanged with me.., the great advice you gave me proved very helpful.

I was not able to get time to schedule any one on one with you, but the assessment center lesson(s) improved my score and were invaluable (particularly the peer counseling).  I just had my interview with the City Manager and Chief this afternoon.  Thirty minutes later I was offered the job.  Which I accepted.  Twenty five years in the making, but several hours of direction from your program set me on the right track for the interviews.

 Thank you very much.  Marty

Hi Capt. Bob,
I just got the call Monday with the final offer of
employment. All I can say is it would not have happened without your
program. My dream job has finally come and I can't thank you enough. I
also wanted to thank you for the tip on the polygraph info. I actually
found a better site if anyone else asks you. It is . It is a little cheaper and way better
understanding of the process. Again, thanks for everything. Jeff

I got the call!! Wow! What an awesome feeling.

I am very proud to say that I will be starting the Tower with Tacoma
Fire Department on March 14. My home town!! I could not be more

I sincerely appreciate this forum and the members who care enough to
post their thoughts, advice and experiences. I am fairly new to the
"fire service career search, "about 2 years, and I feel very fortunate
that I was hired so early in my journey. I understand that many people
spend many years trying to achieve this goal, and I sincerely admire
them for not giving up. Well the journey is not over. I still have a
lot of hard work ahead of me.

Capt. Bob and Rob. I would not have gotten to this point without the
info you provide...Most of it free I might add... A very simple approach
that truly shortened my path to getting hired. Thank you! Brink

Captain Bob,

After 3 years of testing I was starting to think that I may never get
"the call." However last spring I had an oral board to prepare for and
whenever I sat in my car I was talking into the tape recorder using your
techniques. When I received the results I called HR because I did not
believe my score, 100%. Drill school starts February 18!
Thank you for all the advice!-JL

Here’s three more!

Captain Bob and Rob,

I wanted to say thank you for your services over the last year and
a half. I had a coaching session with Rob in November of 2003. In
January of 2004 I was offered a job. I was merely taking this interview
as practice, to be more experienced and more prepared for the next one.
I really didn't want to move myself or my family, but it was a job I
had worked at getting for years, a chance of a lifetime. I declined the
job knowing that with the skills I had gotten from Rob that I could get
my dream job. I was offered my dream job in January 2005. I start the
academy next week. Not only did I get the job, I recommended two of my
fellow candidates, my competition, to Rob and they are both going
through the academy with me. Thank you for your help, it is
appreciated, I never would of had the confidence to be where I am today
without your help.

Hey Captain Bob,

Thank you for all your help. I purchased and studied your audio and
video materials religiously prior to my interview with the Edgewood Fire Department in the Seattle area. I ingrained my experiences and my
abilities into all of my answers. Because I learned to personalize my responses in the oral board I went from #5 to #1 on the list and I got my badge.

I can't thank you enough for helping me in this process of nailing my
dream job.

Adam Lathrop
Pierce County Fire District #8, Edgewood Washington

Hello Captains Bob and Rob, because the info that you both provide was so instrumental in my success, I wanted to tell you both my story.

I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life in November of 2002.  I was 29 and tired of not knowing, but It finally hit me that firefighting was what I wanted to do.  I had no experience as a firefighter except for what I did in the Navy.  I started researching as much as I could, took my first written for the city of Renton, WA in June of 03.  I bombed it. 

I then found your website and read every word.  My next test was Tacoma, WA.  I studied my butt off.  Wrote my own tests, used a tape recorder to ask my self questions so I could listen to them while I drove for my work.  I must have written out 600 questions.  Just the process of writing them down helped me remember facts.  I took the Tacoma test in August of '03, got a 100% and came out in band 7.  Not bad for my 2nd test. 

Then, I purchased your video/cd package and practiced. 

Tacoma had practice sessions for the physical agility, so I went to all of them.  I used the philosophy that every time I was around Tacoma firefighters, was part of the interview process.  I was invited to an oral board in November of '03.  I went to Men's Warehouse and bought a $400 suit.  I wasn't screwing around! ha ha!  I did very well, but due to their budget and my lack of experience, I got passed over.

I then got on with a local volunteer fire dept. near Tacoma and went through EMT school, then a volunteer fire academy.  Then began to pull shifts with the dept.  This Jan 1st, I was promoted to Resident.  Doing all of this while working a new full time job with Pepsi as a service tech.

Tacoma FD called and invited me back to an oral board on Jan 10th of '05.  I was able to go in and tell them everything that I had done in the last year to prepare, plus all the things that I did in life that prepared me... before I decided that I wanted to be a firefighter.  I actually talked more about non firefighting stuff.. i.e. family.

 Well, Friday there was a message on my voice mail from Tacoma Fire....I almost fainted.  I called them back and they offered me a position contingent on a medical exam.  My academy will start on March 7, 05.  I got off the phone and jumped and screamed like a little girl.  It was an amazing feeling. I am now 31....and I got it!! I needed to tell my wife, so I typed "TACOMA FIREFIGHTER!"  on a piece of paper and drove to her work.  She has a desk next to a window.  I went to the window, tapped on it and stuck that piece of paper to the window.  I wish I would have had my video camera. It was a priceless moment. 

All of my family lives in Florida.  My wife and I live here in Tacoma, and we are all on cloud 9.  I have made many calls back to Florida, and I have some proud parents.  This was "THE" department that I wanted to work for and I got it!  I couldn't have done it without my wife.  I spent a lot of time away from home, and studying.  She was completely supportive and understanding of what I had to do.  It will be so nice to be able to focus on one thing now....and get paid to do it!!!!

I understand that it takes some people many years to get hired.  I am grateful that I was able to do it in 2.  I have a lot of respect for those who don't quit after years and years of trying.  It is one hell of a process to put yourself through.  I was pulling 120 hours of shift work a month, plus my full time job.

 So, I hope this wasn't to long and boring, but I wanted to let you both know that you can ad me to your "New Badge list".  Feel free to post clips of this letter if you want.  I never bought coaching.  I tried once, but Rob was booked up.  So I just used the tape recorder and my common sense.  The cd/video and your website gave me a ton of confidence.  I would not have made it without knowing what you taught.

Thank you both for the info you provide.  I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but it is going to be a great year!!!


Before I met you in Oakland I was aimless.  Your program allowed me to take aim, learn about the culture of the fire service and get my badge.  I start the academy Jan 30, 2004. Pete

Capt. Bob: Well, after a year and a half of busting my butt to make this a reality, it finally came true today with an unbelievable department in the coeur d'alene fd.  It really is hard to describe the feeling that you get when you get that call.  I just felt compelled to put a post here, not with the intention of bringing attention to me but to thank the distinguished people that are compelled to help young men and women like me achieve this unbelievable career.  Capt. Bob, your Gold Package Program gave me a huge amount of insight into what I needed to succeed on my first oral board.  I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.


Capt. Bob, Thanks so much for all your years of knowledge and expertise. I knew my personal stories by heart and I had NUGGET answers for all my questions. Your program is excellent. The info is worth every penny and more. I will start Feb.28, 2005 and I just went thru the Fire Academy and EMT class in 2004. I got hired on my first try at 30 years old and I have an old arrest on my record. It's truly knowing what your going to say when they as you the questions, and in the Chief oral sticking to your guns with what you said at the oral board.

YOU ROCK:) THANKYOU,  PETE V. FL   (Saint Lucie County Fire District)

Once I learned from your program how to tell my story everything change and I got my badge in Florida.  Josh

About 2 years ago you help me reach my dream of becoming a firefighter.  Unfortunately, as a rookie, I had to resign because of a DUI. After talking to you and following your plan, not only did I just receive a job offer, I just passed background for another fire department.Thank you from  the bottom of my heart for helping me reach my dream once again. Please everyone do not drink and drive.  It's just not worth it! Bob

I used your nuggets for success in my chiefs interview with the Fire Department I'm #1 on and scored a 29/30 points.  The Asst. Chief stated that it was the highest chiefs interview score they has ever had.  I truly owe it to your advice and the things I learned during a visit to your web site.  Thanks Eric

Today is a day that I will definitely remember for the rest of my life! Today at 0830am I got a call from the chief of a dept. that I am going to have the honor to work for. My friend told me that when you get the call it is overwhelming. Well, he was right. It has been hours and I still can't believe it has happened! I want to of course thank Capt. Bob, and Capt. Rob! I got hold of their program and did the one-on-one with Capt. Rob only 5 months ago! The motivation and direction that they gave me is unbelievable, and now they can add myself to their list of LUCKY individuals that get to be a part of this awesome career. I start my academy in about 4 weeks, and am excited about the hard work that awaits me! Thanks again

Captain Bob,

It's official! I am employed with Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue! I start the academy tomorrow and I very much appreciate all of your help and support, which helped me in getting the job. My dreams have come true! Thank you.

Eric Schmitt

I want to thank you for your "Gold Package Program!”  I believe your information really helped me in getting the job I have now as a firefighter/paramedic at the Vancouver Fire Dept in Vancouver, WA.  I think my "golden nugget" sealed the deal!  Heidi


I want to thank you for all your help.  Your advice got me hired in May of '03 for a small combination department and I just heard today that I start the 18th for an all career city department with 135 members.  This is the  type of department that I wanted!

The psych eval went very smoothly.  No issues, and the return interview with the shrink was not a problem........just didn't start down any road that we didn't need to go down.

 I'm living proof at 37 years old that it's not too late to start if you are prepared. Thanks again for the advice that got me the best job in the world!


Captain Bob: I purchased your system and went through it several times.  I practiced and rehearsed, and then I went and took another test.  I aced the test receiving one of the highest written scores in the group of several thousand candidates.  I then followed that with a great time in the physical ability test.  Then came the first round of interviews.  This is where most people I knew where cut.  I however went in and ACED IT.  I came out with a 92% on my interview and went on to the Chiefs interview.  I then had too waited and wait. I wasn't hired in the first group so I had to wait.  Well I waited for another year, but I just got the call.  I am now officially starting Feb. 28th.  I just wanted to thank you for your program and your email newsletters, and I just wanted to let you know you are right, Nothing matters until you get that BADGE!!! Thanks Rob

Capt Bob,

This was the 14th full time test I have taken over the last 2 years and up until now I haven't made it past the interview process.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have giving me over the last couple months. I ordered your Gold Package Program back in November to prep for a Firefighter oral interview board in Maryland. I followed the directions in the DVD and took all the advice I could gather from the material. I studied night and day for about 2-3 weeks with a digital recorder and friends/co workers. Many of my friends and buddies at my part time fire department joked about the tape recorder deal and continuously talking to myself, but who's joking and laughing now?

Today Feb 15, I received an offer with the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Division in Maryland (DC Area). Ever since I was about 5 years old this is something I have dreamed about doing and I can't even come close to explaining how good it feels to have achieved this goal. It really does feel like I have just " Won The Lottery ". My first day of the Academy is May 16th and I can't wait.

The oral interview board is what put me above all the rest just like you stated over and over again. I used all of the golden nuggets I could think of and made sure my interview stood out from all of the others. If anyone doesn't think this program can work, think again. I did what you told me to do and followed your lead every step of the way and because of that I scored in the top 25 out of over 2,000 candidates. Just wanted to say thank you for making another firefighters dream come true. God Bless and Be Safe



This year when I sat down with our four y/o to write her Santa letter
she was kind enough to mention me in her letter along with all of her
other requests. She asked as we went though the letter if I thought that
Santa would bring me a job if she asked him to. I had to stop and think
for a moment before I answered, to say that I wasn’t just a little
overwhelmed by her asking would be an understatement. I found this to be
both profoundly moving and very funny at the same time.

Today just after lunch I received the call from the Chief of my dream
department who officially offered me a position as their new fire
fighter paramedic. I have had this little dream since coming here in
1985. I knew then that I wanted to return and work here as a fire
fighter paramedic and since leaving have worked as hard as I could to
achieve this. Today almost 20 years later and after taking many
different roads I have come home again and brought my family with me.
Today the real work begins for me and it leaves me both very humble and
believing in Santa Clause. None of this really sank in until she came to
me and gave me a big hug and told that Santa had really come through,
just a little late.

I don’t believe I can name everyone who has helped me to get here today.
It sounds funny but I feel just like the football player in “Jerry
McGuire” when he finds out he has made the team. Rest assured however
that both Captain Bob and Rob helped me to see the light and brought me
back on track when I had wondered away. I would like to thank “Andre” as
well, whether he knows it or not his example has helped to guide me many
times. My own family who has supported, comforted and kicked when needed
can stand witness for this great event. I owe as much of this to them as
anyone including myself.

Be safe and thank you and thank you Santa.

This from the same new firefighter a few months ago:

I had what I thought was a good chiefs interview. A week later I got
the call and I was passed up. I have been here before but not for a long
time and this time I was really shaken up. I couldn’t believe that this
had happened; I was everything that this department wanted and more. I
wrote to Rob and explained my situation and waited. He got back to me
and we set up a time that we could get together on the phone and go
through the basic questions. He asked me to prepare some answers but not
to over work them and so over the next week or so I worked through them
and by the time of our meeting felt pretty well prepared.

I called on the designated day with a tape recorder hooked into my phone
to make sure I didn’t miss anything. From the very first question it was
obvious to Rob that I was way off the mark and by the end of the session
it was there plan as day for me to see just how I was torpedoing myself.
I couldn’t believe I was so far off. I was embarrassed that what I
thought was the right thing was so much the wrong. The hardest thing for
me to get over was that I had really done some great stuff but this all
had to tempered down to a level that showed any panel that I was the one
person that they could: mould, depend on, trust and know that I was
going to be 100% accountable for my decisions. I was walking into these
interviews thinking that they already know all of that and man was I

Dear Captain Rob:

In September 2003, I sat down to take a written exam for the VenturaCounty Fire Department. It was my first firefighter exam, and I passed it and advanced to the orals. With the help of your coaching and encouragement, I successfully completed that oral.

Several months later I entered paramedic school. I graduated as class valedictorian and now hold a National Registry certificate, with my state license currently in process.

Today, I received the most important phone call of my life. The Ventura County Fire Department has offered me a spot in the February 2005 training academy. Needless to say I am leaving out many details of this long, hard process, but the point is, I am now offered a chance to wear the BADGE.

I will always be grateful for your help and the help of Captain Bob, who offered his time on the phone without any strings attached. As I continue to prepare for my dream career, I'll keep you posted. But inthe meantime, THANK YOU for helping me realize my goals.

Respectfully, MO

All that I can say is thank you so much.  This was my first year of testing, and it was only the 2nd fire interview that I had after finding your website and ordering your Gold Package , and it was only my 3rd fire interview ever.  I have only two fire science classes under my belt and I'm an EMT.  I'd only just decided that this was my path in life a year and a half ago, and spent the next 10 months just waiting for departments to start the hiring process.  Like you said, by working hard on the interview part of the process, even someone like me with virtually NO fire credentials can do it.  Basically by personalizing my interview by delivering 'nugget' answers, using the tape recorder, and maybe most importantly for me, your LIST OF 30 QUESTIONS helped so much.  Like you said, most questions are either exactly the same or a variation of them, and the ones on my boards were.  Just out of habit, I pretty much found myself constantly practicing answers in my head.  I'd accidentally wake up at 5 in the morning, even months ago, and couldn't go back to sleep because I was practicing answers.  Oh, and I also listened to your audio CD's quite a bit in my car, and it DID help to keep me motivated.

I know so many people who have spent years and years trying to get on - obviously people who have never found your website.  Some have even given up after spending years trying.  So many people have so many theories about how to get on a fire department - oddly enough most of them are not firefighters - when what they really need to be doing is doing the simple things that you suggest. Jeff

Captain Bob, I borrowed your tapes from a friend and followed your advice. The single most important tool was the voice recorder. What an awakening that was, but that’s all it took. After testing for the same
dept. for 8 years I came out number four on the list and will probablystart work on feb 1 . I used the same material I used on the last interview I had, prepared for a week seriously, and knocked them dead.

One piece of advice I have is that I used to be very specific about my work experience, which is pretty impressive to people who understand what I do, but most people on an oral board won't understand or relate
to it. It would just put them to sleep. You need to find a way to let the board now your accomplished without the specifics they won't relate to. Thank you for your help on starting my dream career. I got it from here on out.

Reply: I love that last line: I got it from
here on out.

Captain Bob,

Thank you for your psych report. I failed the one in
Stockton but passed the one with this after
reading your e-packet. I finally got a job after
exactly 3 years of hunting, paramedic school with 6
months of experience, a fire academy, BA in Economics,
AA in Fire Technology, History in the military at the
Air Force Academy and on and on. I probably applied
up and down the coast to about 30 fire departments,
finally got 3 conditional job offers, one I failed the
psych, 1 I passed up down south and I'm taking the one
in Northern Calif. I've always felt that I was more than
qualified and that eventually I would get a job with
enough resolve; however, I learned through people like
you that you have to know the system and structure of
which you are applying to. Just like a good company
not having a good stock price, are some candidates who
are well qualified but have trouble succeeding in the
hiring process. This was me in part, but thanks to
people like you, I was able to succeed. Sometimes we
don't send the correct projection of who we are when
we communicate whether it be orally or on a background
investigation. Thanks for helping. David


Capt. Bob,
I wanted to write to you and let you know that I was hired and I start their paramedic program Jan 10.  I just wanted to thank you for all your help, from the books, to the cd's, to the phone advice that helped keep me calm.  I couldn't have done it without the help of you and Rob. Thanks for helping make my dream a reality! Happy Holidays James

Capt. Bob: I thought I knew everything, just finishing a college degree. Went in and took the test without studying. Told everyone I was going to be a firefighter. I got a letter the day after Sept 11th telling me I didn't pass the test and wasn't going to be a firefighter! Talk about feeling dumb.

I spent the whole next year studying the book the department has available for all candidates and waiting. I read all I could about the fire service and then I got Capt. Bob's material. I managed to get on during the next process and have been loving it ever since.  Jim

This one warms my heart:

 Captain Bob,I would like to thank you for offering  to everyone. I would like to say thank you for helping me obtain a position with a volunteer fire department as a junior member.

I tried to learn from the lessons you posted, prepared myself for the oral board / oral review, and tried to make myself the best possible candidate that I could be. Without the insight from EatStress, I don't think I would have gotten the position. While I was not "competing" for the position as is the case with career departments where they get 300 applications, I was competing to prove that I would be an asset to the department. I was voted on with no extra clauses, and the department has helped me further my education already.

I'm in the planning stages of creating a personalized school curriculum to help me apply my schooling to the fire service. I have a hard time learning in the standard classroom setting. Being on the fire department and being able to apply firefighting and the fire service in general to my school has helped me tremendously.

 You have helped make me a better candidate for a future career position, and to help me fulfill my lifetime goal to become a career firefighter somewhere here in Vermont. Thank you, you're work is greatly appreciated.Thank you again,,Chris Koledo

Drum roll please: Announcing badge 2,200!!!!!!!You’re not going to believe this.  Don’t miss the last sentence!!!!!!!


Is Age a Factor in Getting Hired?


Indiscribable Thanks Captian Bob:


I have arrived at the moment, that before September 15th 2004 was only realized in my dreams, that was the day I received “the call” informing me that I had been chosen as one of the fourteen candidates to start the academy for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue!


I am very fit. I work out 5 days a week and have for years. I have my EMT-Intermediate Certification and a burning desire to become a firefighter since I was 10 years old. Some times life seems to get in the way of our dreams and plans, but I have learned only if you let it! Three years ago I decided to go for my dream career, I had done everything I knew I could do to physically be ready for this demanding job, but I was oblivious to the testing and hiring process. That is when I came across your web site, Captain Bob your materials were invaluable in helping me obtain my badge. I followed your advise to the letter throughout the process from testing to oral interviews and the psych. Your insight is right on the mark!


Rob helped me with private coaching, and low and behold I am poised to start my dream career! Thank you is not enough to express my heart felt gratitude for your help in getting me to this place in life. I look forward to meeting you in person some day to say “thanks”.  Ted R. Las Vegas Nevada


Ted was number 3 on the list, an EMT and FORTY-SEVEN YEARS OLD!  He also scored higher than his Son on the same list and got the job.  Bravo!

My name is Dan. I have been testing for 8 years, for the position of firefighter, with many large municipal Fire Depts.  I thought I was acing the interview process when in fact I was bombing it.  When I heard about Captain Bob I, was not a firm believer. I decided to get his book & DVD on how to do better on oral interviews, one week before my first oral.  It was the best investment I had ever made.  It made me more confident in my self.  With Captain Bob's helpful advice it made a world of a difference in how I could present & express my self in ways I've never thought possible.  I finally realized I was wrong all these years.  Boy was I WRONG!!! , SO WRONG!!!  What I learn was this.  What to say,  what not say,  how to say it,  when to say it, basically  the BIG W's who, what, where, when, why.

Get the help we all need.  Find the real you. I know I did.  Now I can proudly say I've made it, I got the badge.  Go get the badge, nothing else matters till you do.  You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, believe me.  I've been very busy having the time of my life, as a probationary Firefighter.  It's truly a blessing. Thank you Captain Bob, I can't thank you enough.  DAN THE MAN

 Hello Capt.

My name is Casey Johnson.  I recently became a PROUD employee of The Anchorage Fire Department.  Tomorrow night, my recruit class of 24 will graduate.  In the class is a group of guys with widely varying backgrounds, many of which have nothing to do with Fire Departments at all.  This goes to prove that fire departments aren't always looking for people with experience, but are more likely looking for individuals with great Firefighter characteristics.  I have spent the last 6 years preparing for this career.  That included volunteering at a small town FD, working for the Univ. Fire Department in Fairbanks, going to school for an AAS in Municipal Fire Control and Paramedic School. 

While I was going to school, many of my friends with similar resumes were testing for Fire Departments, but not passing the oral board or the psych test.  After seeing many Awesome Firefighters have troubles with interviewing, it became blatantly apparent that the best resume in the world would not get me a job, but the best interview skills most definitely would.  I soon came to learn of the "Captain Bob" program, and when it was time to finally apply for my dream job, I took your program, and it's advise to heart.  Now here I am, living the dream.  Thank You Very Much. 

Casey Johnson Anchorage Fire Department Firefighter/EMT

Captain Bob,

You've never heard from me before but through your web site, you've helped me quite a bit.

I've been in the business world for several years and I've never gone through a firefighter interview before.  It never occurred to me that it would be any different than a business interview.  I mentioned to a buddy of mine the other day that I had an interview with Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Department in Virginia and he asked me if I had used your program to prepare.



"what are you talking about?"

He explained to me how it's a little different and pointed me to your web site.  Well, with less than 12 hours to go before the interview, I couldn't exactly order your program, but I did spend 4 hours reading every word on your web site.  What a valuable collection you have there!

I went into the interview yesterday confident that I would know my stuff and thanks to your site, I did!  The panel looked tired and bored when I walked into the room, but by the time I left, they were just as awake and excited about the job as I was!  Nugget after nugget…I brought life to the room.

There are still interviews to take place all next week, but I already received a phone call from Loudoun County first thing this morning.  They've offered me a badge conditional on a clear background check.

I can't thank you enough!  I'll be sure to recommend your web site and your program to anyone I run into that is following their dream.

Sincerely, Tony

Cpt. Bob, Cpt. Rob,

 Thank you so much for your incredible help that you have offered me and the thousands others out there like me. With out great coaches I could have been rotating from interview seat to interview seat for many more years but with your specialized advice and I learned to make myself a great candidate and show the oral board that I was exactly what they were looking for. Now that I will be starting soon and will have an 18 month probation I will see just how badly I wanted this job and really realize what it means to keep the badge after earning it. Thank you once again for your personal approach to coaching that you have shown me.

Sincerely, Darren

I purchased Capt. Bob's interview material last year.  After the seminar and going over the materials I went thru the process at my dream department and was hired last week.  I thought for years I could do the oral on my own but after I went thru the info I found out different.  It is worth the time, money, and effort to get the material and attend some seminars.  Thanks again I really appreciate it. Wynnifer

Captain Bob: I had been trying for some time to be a firefighter.  Everything changed the day I took the advice from your program and heard myself on a tape recorder.  I developed my own new script and got my badge for a local great department.   Nick

Captain:  I improved my score at least 80% better with program and got that badge!  Kasey from Texas 

I'm writing this email to say "Thank you". I have to admit, it is a bit late since I was hired almost 6 years ago! However, I've recommended your services to other firefighters who currently enjoy a professional career. I was trying to find your information on the net for my brother who hopes to be a Seattle Firefighter soon and remembered that I had never thanked you for it.


I had a bout 1 week to prepare for the interview and unfortunately I did not have my credit card on me when I had called you for information. When you found out how much time I had, you sent me the package overnight. You had said you would use the honor system for payment! I got home the next morning from my private ambulance job and it was waiting for me at my door step!


I have never forgotten your invaluable customer service!


Take care and I wish you the greatest success!

Edwin Burgado

Seattle Fire Department


JCapt. just wanted to say thanks you. On Friday I got the call that so many have waited so long for. It was the chief from the first and only department I tested with asking me to join his department. I managed to maintain my composure just long enough to schedule a meeting with him for today and get him off the phone. After that I let out a yell that left my partner's ears ringing worse than the siren on our ambulance.

 I came late to the fire service. I didn't always want to be a fire fighter. I'm 37, and I've only been a volunteer for two and a half years. And I didn't decide this was what I wanted for a career until a year ago.

 But as you've said many times, when you make the decision, make the commitment. I did. I left my former line of work, took a big pay cut to work on a commercial ambulance service, and started paramedic school. It's the medic school that got me the job. The department I'll be working for needs medics so badly they're willing to take people still in school, and put them on the line, as long as they complete and maintain their medic license.

 It was your advice that pushed me into the school, and ultimately got me the job. In my area, having your medic greatly improves your odds of getting hired. Since I started school, a big department that has no EMS requirements had 15 open positions, they got 350 applicants. A big department looking to hire 2 fire/medics got a dozen applicants. My new department got only 20 applicants for 3 open fire/medic positions.

 You also helped me squeeze the extra points I needed to be in the top 3 on the oral board. While I had the basics of good answers down already, your suggestions to repeat them out loud until they become fluent and natural made all the difference. I wasn't stumbling, I knew what points I wanted to make and I made them.

 Capt. Bob, you say "Nothing counts till you get the badge." Thanks to your help, everything counts for me starting November 1, 2004.

Brian M. Trotta

 Capt Bob: I have used your program and I know that is the reason I figured it out early. I think you need to take every test you can, it helps in many ways you get more familiar with the process, nerves and you get dialed in with your interview skills. Practice makes perfect.

I had interviewed with 3 departments in 3 weeks I got 2 job offers and each interview cost me air fair, hotel and car rental. I had a goal, I gave myself 1yr to accomplish it or I was going to stay put. I was willing to spend what ever it cost to accomplish it. I took advantage of every any and all things that could help me perform better.

A sincere thank you is in order, so thank you Captain Bob. I'm currently going through an Academy 4 weeks of 16 left. I really can't say thank you enough.


Captain Bob-

I was not getting the results that I had hoped for, but as you advised us all, we need to be the energizer bunny, and that is what I became.  To Seattle, Oakland, Oregon, you name it, I was on a plane somewhere to take a test. I practiced everyday for months and months.  I did the private coaching with your son, married myself to the tape recorder and video camera. 

 I went down the week before to the interview site and knew exactly where it was at and exactly where I needed to park.  So when November 15, 2003 at 11:35 AM, I was there and ready.  They called me in and it was amazing, I did an oral presentation and my personality came into the room and then when the interview questions came, I was able to hit them with nugget after nugget after nugget, etc. 

 This took a long time for me to actually get the opportunity to write you this letter but you can add me to your list of new badges!!  I just completed the 14 week academy for the Orange County Fire Authority and I cannot explain the feeling.  Last night, September 2, 2004, I got to walk up on a stage and be handed a badge by our Fire Chief and have my dad pin it on my chest. You want to talk about emotional moments in your life, I cried and my dad was pretty choked up also. I never thought in a million years that I would be there at that moment and I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. 

 I now believe that the oral interview is the only way to obtain this awesome career.  Considering I only passed the written test by 3 points, this is now a proven fact to me.  Those of you out there that keep going to academy after academy and certification after certification, please take the time to put your efforts into practicing your interview so you too can share the awesome feeling of getting that badge and asking yourself the question, who will pin the badge on me?  Thank you again Captain Bob, without your "nugget" concept, I would have never gotten that badge and a career where the satisfaction is like no other!!

Steve, Firefighter- Orange County Fire Authority

 I would check out Capt.Bob's website - He's also on the boards in in many areas. I have followed his advice and it just works. A few years ago I didn't know squat about hiring boards or the process. With his info I scored 10th on one list and 3rd on my last interview before being hired. Before that I was floundering along through each interview.

Regards, Courage04

Capt Bob, Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you.  I made it....I am currently on the floor after a quick academy with East Fork Fire in Northern NV.

Thanks again, Rick Ackerson FF/Paramedic

Captain Bob -

Well finally here it is: my story of how your services aided me in securing a career with an awesome fire department.  Have patience, as I may begin by rambling, but once the ideas start flowing hopefully it will turn out well.

 There I was, fresh out of the military with my wife and 2 children and only prospective fire jobs - nothing by any means was for certain.  Although I thought I had given it enough time by starting the search a year before my end of service date, the California budget crunch and the super competitive hiring process were proving formidable enemies to our meeting our objective - a secure, well-paying fire career at a department with a good reputation. 

I had no fire experience whatsoever and mostly military paramedic experience, and although I did have NREMT-P and CAEMT-P certification, I barely had any civilian time on a box.  Times were tight.

My heartbreak had come 6 months earlier - My first testing process was for an extremely well-paying department - I thought I had it nailed - the department was my hometown growing up, and I foolishly believed that just because I was a combat veteran of an elite unit that they would hand the job over to me.  Well, I had no interview experience.  When I finished the interview, I thought it went pretty well, until I received the rejection letter X-mas Eve 5 months before the end of my service.  Good X-Mas? No.  At that point, once I finished the stages of dealing with grief, I decided that I needed to utilize all available resources and overwhelm the enemy with superior firepower.  The enemy?  Let us be honest: other candidates, of course, but most of all, the seemingly intangible guerilla agent of the firefighting application process: The Interview!

Instead of my AC-130 Gunship and Cobra Helicopters, I called on Capt. Bob to provide me with the tools of the trade that I needed to overwhelm the interview panel.  I quickly found out that most applicants' biggest enemy is them self and their refusal to train for the interview as one trains for the physical or written. Why?  Training for the interview is a pain and uncomfortable.  You have to look in the mirror and face your weaknesses instead of just bolstering your strengths by practicing what you already excel at.  How many candidates do you think have the internal fortitude to do that?  Some, but luckily for you and I, not many.

I trained with Capt. Bob using his recommended techniques. I walked into the interview panel with interview Standard Operating Procedures and Immediate Action Drills at the ready.  I felt confident.  I went to the Chief's interview.  I received the conditional offer.  I took the psych, background, and medical.  I received the unconditional offer.  I consulted with Captain Bob every step of the way, which goes to show he is with you every step of the way.  I start the academy in 1 week for an incredible department with unlimited opportunities.  Even though I will still be probationary for a little while, my blood pressure has probably dropped 20 systolic.


Thank you Captain Bob for providing crucial guidance at an extremely intense time in my life.  If you are serious about attaining your goal, there is no excuse for not using this resource.

Sincerely, Mark

Ya got to love it!


Captain Bob,  Thank you a thousand times over!  I finally got the call on July 21 and I start recruit school on Sept. 7.  I know that I owe it all to your program.  With it, I didn't give any clone answers and I ended up No.2 on the hiring list.  That's more proof that your program really works.  I know I was giving clone answers until I got your product.  With it, I saw my mistakes and corrected them and nailed my interview.  Thank you again.  Michael C.

Captain Bob, I wanted to write you this letter in regards to your interview "Nuggets" I recently had both my interviews with a large career county fire department, and voila, last week I recieved a phone call from the chief of the department, offering me a position in an upcoming academy class.

Your nuggets were a god send. Thank you so much, they made a believer out of me, and should be observed by ever candidate who has an upcoming interview, or is planning on making the move to a career department. J. Hedrick

As far as, I think it's a great site and the free email newsletter is excellent. I've followed it for years and just promoted thanks to many things I have learned from reading Captain Bob's views.

It took me nearly 10 yrs to get my Badge, but I wouldn’t change about it if I could. Although there is some shame in that I spent several of those years settling for Coach seats when I could have been flying First Class. I really believed that I was on the right path, but the truth was I was on a treadmill and I wasn’t going anywhere. Before subscribing to Capt. Bob’s trade secrets I was a well-motivated candidate, now I am a well-motivated Firefighter. The fact is that there are some people out there that can succeed by their own will, the rest us need an Inside Trader. This is not a cookie cutter process; there are no false fronts and no parapets. We are talking about getting you to talk, walk, think and breath like a firefighter. It won’t be someone else; it is going to be you…….with a badge. I got mine, GET YOURS!!!!!!  Paul  Thanks Capt. Bob

CaptBob gives some great advice and has helped many of us knuckleheads get our badge, hopefully he knows just how much his advice means.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Nothing has rang more clearly in my head the last year than the words "Nothing counts until you get the badge absolutely nothing."  I have been anticipating and preparing for the hiring process at my dream department for nearly a year now.  Knowing that this opportunity only happens once every two years at best I intended to be prepared but where to start was a little less than clear.  I knew that getting experience and education was a must especially for someone my age (20 years old) but I also know that a degree alone doesn't get you in the door.  There is one thing that will get you your dream job that is more valuable than any skill, degree, or experience and that is your presentation.  With Captain Bob's help, especially in preparing for the interview I was able to present myself in a way I never thought possible with my own personalized "gold nugget" answers. 

Captain Bob gave me the encouragement and direction to focus my efforts in the areas that helped me to succeed.  This program gives you the confidence of a strong, tried and true foundation to work from.  The advice is unparallel to anything else offered for one main reason, you learn how to best sell yourself and not be someone else.  Pursuing a career in the fire service and accomplishing that goal at your dream department is the most exhilarating and accomplished feeling I have ever had and I wish this for anyone who is willing to work hard for it and never give up.  I look at my experience with Captain Bob and his personal coaching as being my greatest ally throughout the whole testing process and being able to have  peace of mind knowing that all my efforts were being focuses on a method that has proven itself thousands of times.  Thanks for everything Captain Bob (especially the tape recorder).  I start my academy tomorrow at the

Anchorage Fire Department. Ryan Staten

 PWC, Here I Come! (Thank you CaptBob!)

Well, it appears some cosmic brain fart has caused the Fire and Rescue in Virginia to decide they want to hire a knucklehead like me. (I suspect a little "Puff, Puff, Pass" must have been occurring while they were making this decision, but who am I to complain? ) I received "The Call" this morning and I now have 2 weeks to get everything in order and move down there. It'll be a little hectic but definitely well worth it. The recruit class starts on the 26th and they will have an orientation for recruits and their family on the Thursday beforehand which I thought was quite nice.

This is so amazing and I can't wait for my first day of training (that is unless they run out of whatever they are on and come to their senses). Thank you guys for helping me realize that firefighting is where I want to be. And I want to especially thank CaptBob for his guidance on his website. There is no way I would have had a chance of getting this job without it. Thank you very very much! Now I am blessed enough to be able to live the dream.

 Hi Captain Bob Just to let you know I got the job of my dreams!! Thanks for you help Sincerely, M. Rice

You talked to me late one evening last November about what I could do to change my less than honorable military discharge.  Well, it worked!  Your program helped putting the pieces together in making my oral board rating number #2. I just got the call and start in 2 weeks. Mike Age 39  from Virginia.

Captain Bob: I am already a Firefighter/Paramedic in Southern CA, but now I get to go work for my dream department!! This department has been my #1 for years and has one of the most rigorous testing processes in the state. Thanks to your help, I was able to pass every hurdle and get the badge!

I have recommended your website and pamphlets to every person I know trying to get hired. This even goes for guys I know who are currently on the job and want to go to another department. Thanks again!!!!  -Justin

The biggest thing I learned from your program was to use my life experiences to draw the oral board panel in to listen to my stories.  Add another badge to your list sir.  Gary  

Captain Bob: I was hired this past February by Los Angeles County Fire Department and I will be getting my badge on June 4, graduation day. This e-mail is in regard to the county will be handing out applications for firefighter this coming November and testing in January. I waited over seven years for this opportunity, and hope you will pass the info along to another individual who will honor and respect the badge the way I do.

Capt Bob, add another one to your list as that I got hired today. I did some reading on your site about Age issues... Well here is a little about my story. I graduated high school at 17, turned 18 in the fire academy.... I was a National Registered Paramedic before I was 18. I turned 19 in April and got a job offer today. Sparky Mansfield, Texas

Dear Captain Bob -
You'll never guess what I did last Friday night!! I graduated from the Sacramento Metro Fire academy and got pinned with my badge!! Never have I worked so hard for a little piece of metal (my badge) . . . and I know you'll believe me when I say that little piece of metal means more to me than anything else I have!!

I just wanted to thank you again for all the help - your Oral Board cd and video, the booklet on the Psych test, the emails you sent (as well as the newsletter) made all the difference in the world!! I felt prepared every step of the way . . . well, at least a step ahead of the other candidates! Out of 1,400 original applicants, 23 of us graduated this last Friday. And at least 2 other recruits who graduated were products of YOUR training!!! What a great service you provided!!

After I get my fill of being a "snot-nosed rookie" (in about 10 years or so) I'll definitely look you up and buy everything you have on promoting up! But that's a long time from now, so until then take care and thanks again!!!!!! Tony

Rob,I wanted to thank you once again for the coaching session the first part of the year. I wanted to give you the update on my progress. I ended up number two on the list that I was being interviewed for at that time. But since that time I have received two job offers. One for a small department with six paid firefighters and the other for a department just south of Seattle with about 60 firefighters. I have chosen the bigger department and will be starting the 16th of June. All of the hard work the past two years has paid off. Thanks again for all of your insights. Thanks a lot, Brian Duffy


Good news...... Captain, add me to the list of those you've helped to get a badge, I received my phone call at 11:50 today, and I've been smiling ever since! My first day on the job is July 8th, and I can't wait!

Capt bob I had been following you program and got a job offer.  The scary psych was the last hurdle. Your psych report was dead on.  I start the academy next month.  Adam


I thought I was going to have to ride an ambulance forever because even as a medic I couldn’t get hired.  I good friend tipped me off about your program.  In six months I had my badge!  Thank you Guy

 Captain Bob has written a book that will help anybody that is serious about getting a firefighter job. I find it ironic that a person would want the easy "answers" to any oral board questions, as this is exactly the opposite of what his program is about. He arms a candidate with good information and lets them develop their own answers with "nuggets" from their life experiences. I have followed his book and his personal advice (yes, he will answer and return your phone calls!) and am happy to say that I recently just received a job offer. I have recommended and will still recommend this book to people looking to get into the fire department.  Beau

An Update

Hey Capt. Bob- I wrote a review. Everything is going great for me.  We start our didactic on June 7th.  They had us taking prerequisites.  We were also out in the field getting exposure and working on our skills.  We finished the last day of our pre-didactic field time on Friday.  I felt like the luckiest guy in the world driving to the station in my light blue intern shirt.  I can't believe this is my job.  I also got some awesome experience out there running calls.

Of course, I have also been studying my rear off.  I have to be successful in all aspects to go to the academy.  Thanks! Steve

It’s amazing what you will go through just to be called rookie!

I am 37 years old so you older guys don't give up it can still happen....Even though I work around firefighters I couldn’t understand why they were calling the new rookie all of last week until I got the call.  It’s amazing what we will go through just to be called rookie!

Captain Bob, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, for all of your help. I received my call with my start date last evening. The department I was hired with was the only one I really wanted. I was blessed to have proceeded past my chief’s oral without a problem.  I obtained a copy of your Psych report. Boy, am I glad I did, I would have blew that completely if not for your report. The time you spent counseling me about my background packet also helped greatly. Anyone testing would be crazy not to order your program. I start 4/24/04 and I can't wait. This is the greatest feeling in the whole world. I wish everyone testing could feel this right now. Please allow me to say to those who are testing GET WITH THE PROGRAM, it works, I am proof. Thanks again for all of your help. Sincerely, John

P.S.  I am 37 years old so you older guys don't give up I can still happen....

Captain Bob, I ordered your material in late 2003 while I was attending a firefighter 1 & 2 academy through a local community college. I was 39 years old with no prior firefighting experience, although I did have my EMT certification. I listened to your CD's every time I was in the car and watched the video portion of your materials several times. I was offered a position as a recruit firefighter and just finished my third week of the training academy. Your insight on the proper way to handle scenario questions really helped me. Thanks for all your help. DAN

Hi Capt. Bob- Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom! I used your video and tapes to gain another job, This one with the Carpinteria-Summerland F.D. in Santa Barbara County. Staying Safe-Scott McMannFormer Engineer Vandenberg AFB FD

Going through the hiring process I used a lot of your tips and info. I searched and read your articles and advice. It paid off I got the job. It was the first test and oral I went through but I felt confident after reading your time tested advice. Just wanted to say thanks.  T.Heiman

Captain Bob,Just wanted to thank you for all your help with the audio and video tapes.  I put in countless hours perfecting my nugget answers, and was still amazed of how easily they flowed when I was asked questions in my interviews!  I start with the Ames Fire Department (Ames, Iowa) on May 1, 2004.  Thank you so much!  I got my badge! Respectfully, Kory Bleeker Des Moines

Your program taught me how to personalize my presentation to the oral board.  Well, it got me a job offer in Seattle!  Ken

Capt. Bob,In 2000 I decided to pursue a career in the fire service.  I put myself through a fire academy, became a Volunteer Firefighter then became a Paid-Call Firefighter, volunteered my time with the American Red Cross and other organizations, and then went to Paramedic school.  I worked as an Ocean Lifeguard for a Fire Department and for an ambulance company.  I have taken over 30 fire department tests over the last four years. 

My first year testing I found myself learning how to take the tests and score high enough to get to the interviews.  My second year testing I started passing the tests I get to the interviews, but couldn't get to the Chief's Oral Interviews.  My interview scores were in the mid 70's.   Well, I figured go to Paramedic school and I would get hired.  My thought was to become a Paramedic to become a Firefighter, WRONG.

My heart was not set on becoming a Paramedic, in turn I spent 7 1/2 months in paramedic school and ending up getting dropped from the program during my internship.  A couple months passed and a few more tests, same results, I still could not make it to the Chief's Oral Interview.  Frustration was really starting to kick in. I got on the Internet and searched "Passing Fire Department Interviews".  At the top of the list was, I read all the material in the web site and decided I would buy the available material. 

After buying the material from the web site, I watched the video, listened to the audiotapes, and followed all of Captain Bob's instructions to a "T".  My next 3 tests I took, I scored in the high 90's and one of them was 100%, much better then mid 70's.  I am now working for a large department in Northern California.

The interesting thing about my journey to become a Firefighter is that I spent 4 years of thinking that, MORE EXPERIENCE IS BETTER, THIS IS NOT TRUE! 

My journey has proven that Captain Bob's material is outstanding.  I was hired with 15 other guys, and it turns out that one of them has zero experience in the fire service and no experience in the medical field.  He and I both received Captain Bob's material and followed his instructions, and look at us now.Thank you for all your help Captain Bob!Sincerely, Dave


Thank You!!!!!! My name is Dave Blatchford.I have been a call firefighter for 2 years. I have been through Firefighter 1 and 2 and got my EMT-B. Your program was referred to me by a Lt on my department about 2 weeks before I was to go to my first Oral board which happened to be with the town I live in. It was very helpful, the 30 questions and quick notes. Much to my surprise when I went into the board he was a person asking the questions. I didn't get the job that time, but I was told that for my first time in I did well, he also said he could tell I did my homework because I came up with some NUGGETS. Since that oral I have applied to every opening that has come my way. For Christmas my kids got me your program. I read the book that day and listened to the CD everyday on my way to work. I am proud to say that on February 19th I got the call from the Chief of a near by town to offer me a job. My start date is March 15th. When I went to sign my letter of acceptance it said I finished with the top score out of the guys that were hired. Not bad for a 39 year old truck driver. You and your program have set me off on the career that I have been dreaming of for the last few years Thank you!!!!!!!!! Also Thank You to Lt. Justin Cutting of the Hampton NH Fire Department  without his suggestion to just check out the web page I never would have gotten those NUGGET that were needed.

Dear Capt. Bob,After trying to pass 3 oral boards with clone answers, I watched your videos.  I worked with a tape recorder and was offered a job, and start the academy within the next 3 weeks.  I am so excited.  Thank you for giving me the edge over the competition. Thanks Again, Pat

Captain Bob,I'd just like to say thank you for all of your help in attaining the career of my dreams.  After a four year college degree in Molecular Biology, almost 3 years of testing/interviews, emt training, paramedic training, a firefighter I academy, and numerous "you were so just missed it" pep talks, I have been hired by an excellent department in North Bay Area as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  Although I've incorporated many of the things that I had heard in your cd and video into my interview style, the most important thing that has stuck with me over the past few years is your phrase about keeping hope alive inside you.  I've learned that if you really want this job, you just can't quit---and the thought never crossed my mind.  During my years of testing, I was told that I was "so close" so many times that it drove me out of my mind.  One time, I was the number 1 candidate on the chiefs list, but was told near the end of the process that the county could not financially support an academy.  Other than being prepared for the opportunity to show what a good candidate a person can be,  I think that the most important thing that anyone can do is to Never stop trying bad you want this job every time you see an engine in the street or you hear that siren off in the distance.  Thanks again Captain Bob, we've only met, in passing, on a couple of occasions, but your help has proven invaluable in achieving my life goals. ---Dave---  


Just wanted to thank you and your Dad for helping me out. I just received My letter from Colorado Springs and I start the academy April 5. Thank you Once again  Gary

Captain Bob,I have been going through the process at CoCo County and I made it through the 2nd interview and I'm now going to start background. I think I had my best interview ever at the 2nd interview and I can thank you for that I took every test I could with in reason and had one each week for the last three the third being CoCo County and you know that feeling you get when you had the right answer for every question while I had that feeling on top of leaving that 75% of butterflies at the door which allowed me to be myself at the interview. I don't think I can begin to thank you enough, with out your book and CD I don't know how I would have done. I love being able to use the CD as a motivational tool and it allowed me to go in feeling confident about myself. Thanks Mike

Hi Capt Bob-I wanted to say thanks for the support in the hiring process.  I was hired as a Paramedic Intern with a department I love.  I only have been only testing for 8 months with an EMT and one firefighter class.  This will lead to my dream of being a Firefighter/Paramedic.   I am very lucky to have achieved this result.  I am so happy.  More than the insight you provide on the oral boards, I want to thank you for just being a great person to talk to throughout the process.  I can't believe how you were always available to talk and would return my calls so quickly whether it was at night or on a weekend.  You even called to congratulate out of the blue.  I am grateful that someone like you is out there to help people navigate the process.  I still can't believe how emotionally taxing the whole experience was.  It is so nice to be done with that.  Thanks for everything! Trevor

Captain Bob is absolutely right when he says that you don't always have to have the credentials.  I know this from experience.  Once you get past the written test it's all about the interview.  There are other things that a person can do that are completely unrelated to fighting fire that will help tremendously during an interview as long as you can present it well.  I turned 21 in early February and got a job offer one week later and I start the academy in about a week.  It took me about 15 months from my first test until I got a job offer.  I am still amazed.  I credit a lot of people for that but especially this bulletin board and Captain Bob's program.  My advice to everyone is to not get caught up too much with fire stuff and try to fill your bag with other things too.  Community service can be very beneficial.  

Anyway, I don't mean to toot my horn but I am very amazed at the short time it took me so it's definitely possible to be hired young.  You just need to know what you're doing and then have a little luck to go with it but of course I don't know anything.  I'm just a rookie. -John  

Well Captain Bob I never thought that I would be writing you and saying thank you for the great advice in your program. I started school about 3 years ago, Paramedic, FF 1 and 2, hazmat, A. AP.S Fire Science degree but I was never able to keep a cool head and show who I was during an interview after 2 years of testing I had never tested high enough to even have a chance of that call....... In the last few months after using my recorder I was offered a position with the Detroit Metro Airport Port Authority Fire Department, and I am on 3 different lists and could be offered another opportunity soon.

All this changed due to your Gold Package, me being humble enough to realize and to work hard with your advice, given to us all who have received your program. Tomorrow is my first day and I will use your advice in the back of your book about rookie’s thank you! Matt Brach Firefighter/Paramedic

Captain Rob: I struggled trying to pass an oral board high enough to get
a badge.  I had no idea with the help of your program and a coaching
session with Rob that I could reach my ultimate goal.  Well, rack up
another badge for a new firefighter for LA COUNTY!  Dreams can come
true.  Bill

Cpt Bob, Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! I just recently accepted
employment with a fulltime professional Fire Department. Your monthly
letters, advice, and web site helped me tremendously. Your approach to
oral board is the way to go and the example for all candidates to
follow. I
cannot tell you how thankful I am for you. Thanks for helping me get my
badge!!!!!!!! Josh

Hey Cpt. Bob, Happy Holidays to you. First I would
like to thank you for all your helpful information you have sent me. I
ordered the Entry Level Program, the psych manual and I have used the
tape recorder. It paid off by getting me a job as a Reserve Firefighter
that hires directly from their reserve firefighter list. They gave the
same hiring process as they would have given fulltime
firefighters...background, psych, medicals, physicals, the works...
because they plan on hiring us to fill
fulltime positions. So...thank you for the help you have
provided.  But of course I am not putting all my eggs in one basket. I
am starting medic school in Feb. and I am still testing
everywhere I can.  Steve

I got your Gold Package and listened to it several times.  I then went for a private coaching session with Captain Rob.  He made me think before I spoke and gave many useful insights.  He helped me on the dreaded question of why do you want to be a Firefighter.  Well, it worked. I have just been hired at a Fire and Rescue in South Carolina.   Thank you and Rob for all your help. Jerry

Here’s a double:

Dear Captain Bob-

My friend Mike and I would like to let you know how much we appreciate the information your program provided us throughout our pursuit for a badge. Both of us have been in the chase for one for over 3 years. Both of us received the call of our dreams tonight! We were offered a job by Salt Lake County Fire Department. The orientation is on the 20th and recruit camp is scheduled to start on February 2nd. Thanks again for all of the help your tapes and website provided us, both were a vital tool in obtaining the job of our dreams! We'll keep you posted on our progress!

Sincerely, Mike and Nick

And no I didn’t encourage, pay, or know this or the above testimonies were coming in. This happy new firefighter wrote this:

I had a lot of odds against me because I am a type 1 Insulin dependent Diabetic.

Captain Bob,

I ordered your Gold Package a couple of months ago.  Add me to your list who succeeded as another successful candidate who got the badge.  Over 600 candidates applied for a position of Firefighter in August of 2003.  I just got the phone call today Jan 8th 2004 that I am apart of the next 2004 Academy class.  Out of the 600 candidates, the Fire Department picked only 36 candidates to be apart of the Academy.  The Gold Package is such a powerful tool that words can't explain how powerful it can be!  I believe that this package was a powerful source in helping me throughout all my interviews.  For other candidates who think it is impossible to beat out 600 or 2000 candidates, it is possible with the GOLD PACKAGE.  I had a lot of odds against me because I am a type 1 Insulin dependent Diabetic.  But with the help of the Gold Package,  and how this powerful tool helped me with my interview techniques,  I scored very high in my interview scores to let me be apart of the 36 chosen candidates.  I have been trying for 4 years now and have tested at 9 different departments over the years.  I ordered the GOLD PACKAGE and after studying the techniques, the next department I tested at I got on!  My advise, don't wait any longer order this powerful tool to help you get that badge!  Thank you so much Captain! Dean

Hi Captain Bob,
 I wanted give you and your son Rob the great news.  I received my BADGE today.  It is the best feeling.  I still can’t believe it is true.  Thank you for your Entry Level Program that helped me get into the big leagues.  I also, wanted to thank your son for the private coaching that I had with him.   It was worth every penny and minute.  
 So here is another firefighter badge you can add to your list. Thanks again,

Andrew deMetropolis
City of Downey Firefighter

Captain Bob,
I just got the call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've
driven all over Washington State, I've been up at 3 am
to be in line for applications, I've breathed this job
for almost 2 years and I finally got the call! The
Deputy Chief from Woodinville Fire and Life Safety
just called to say I passed my medical and I will be
starting on December 16th. I owe my oral board skills
to you and Rob. The Entry Level Program and psych report were great!

Your website alone is worth its weight in gold! I know it was the oral
boards that separated me from the pack. This is
unbelievable. Thank You so much, Chris

Capt. Bob:
Your book ("Becoming a Firefighter") and video tape (conquering the job interview) have been instrumental in the pursuit of my badge.  I only wish that I would had these resources 2 years ago when I began testing.  The only obstacle that stands in the way of me attaining my badge is the psych, and I'm sure that the information in your book will guide me through this last step.

I implore anyone considering a career in the fire service to utilize the resources that you have made available.  It is refreshing to finally listen to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

Capt. Bob, your knowledge and experience have made a difference in my life and I appreciate your efforts.  I look forward to the day when I can pass on the valuable information I have learned from you to an individual
seeking a career in the fire service.
Thank you, Joseph A. Ascione
Chicago, IL

Captain Bob, I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all your help.  About a year ago I bought your video and audio program.  The information was incredible.  Although I never fully understood until I saw the results of my interviews.

I had been testing for about 3 years with no results.  I had never received a passing score in the oral interview.  I felt like I had very good credentials and could not understand why I was not getting hired.  I had my BA from Cal-Berkeley, I spoke Spanish, I had my FFI and I was a paramedic!

After using your program I have received 6 chiefs interview.  3 of which I received job offers and the other 3 lists were canceled due to budget restraints.

I have accepted a job offer with Los Angeles City Fire Dept. (LAFD).  I start the academy on Nov. 24th 2003.  This is truly a dream come true.  Once again I want to say thank you for your enlightenment.

Sincerely, Patrick Leonard


Capt. Bob, I received "the call" Tuesday 10/21/03 for a Firefighter position with the City Of Rialto. Up until 3 years ago, before I ordered your entry-level tapes, I was not passing interviews. After receiving your tapes and viewing them for less than five minutes, I figured out that I was an ass for not doing it sooner. I know for a fact that I added at least five years  to my goal attainment for being a typical hardheaded guy. I can whole heartedly say, from the bottom of my heart, that I am where I am today because of you sir. You didn't give me answers, yet you showed me to use what I had all along to my benefit, along with all my phone calls and e-mails you so unselfishly answered. I start November 3rd 2003. Part of me is scared and part of me is so excited. I can remember daydreaming about how it would be like (and if it would ever happen) when and if I got hired. You helped remove the "if" and helped me replace it with "when" I would receive the offer. It is better than winning the lottery! On behalf of all the people that supported me through this long, emotional rollercoaster...

Firefighter Joe Valdez (I love the sound of that)


Hi Captain,
This is Branden Eaton from Sierra Vista, AZ. I just wanted to thank you and your son for all of the great advice. I read the book, watched the video, and constantly had the CD on my computer.  I tested for the Sierra Vista Fire Departments Reserve program; with your help I was #1 on the written, #1 on the physical, and most importantly #1 on the oral board! The chief has decided not to put me through the academy because I have my firefighter 1 and 2 certification. He is going to put me straight online. I got the job! I will review all of the material again when I test for the full time position. Once again THANK YOU! Branden

Hello Capt,

             After ten years of testing I finally got an offer. The oral was the one thing holding me up. After purchasing your tapes, I took your advice & memorized my personal script & made it sound natural to where even I was impressed with it. How do I know the offer wasn’t a coincident? I got 2 job offers the same month after never getting any after 10 years of trying. I now work for Sacramento Fire Dept & love it. I could go on but I'll keep it short................THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Erik W

Hi Captain Bob- I had written you a year ago telling you of my acceptance to a full-time midwestern fire department.  Well, it's been a year, I'm still here and just passed my probationary period.  I just thought I owed you one more thank you for your program and it's fantastic content.  I recommend it to many of my friends seeking employment in this AWESOME career.  Thanks again friend!  -D. Olson


Hi Captain Bob, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. I ordered your Entry Level Program a couple of years ago.  I had been trying to get on with a large city fire Department for several years, but I never made it past the first oral board.  I got on with a smaller fire department after buying your products, and continued to test with my dream department. 

Today, I was notified by my dream department that I ranked number 1!!!! I will start next month. I'm very excited, and I just wanted to thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jan


Dear Capt. Bob,

I wanted to thank you for putting together the conquer the job interview CD and DVD. I recently tested for one of the departments I was really hoping to get on with, passed the physical part and the written, and the oral interview went great. At the conclusion of the interview the chief told me that out of all the candidates ( I was one of last to be interviewed) I had been the most well dressed and prepared. I came out #2 on the hiring list and now have the job I have been waiting so long for. Thanks again for your great nuggets!

Yours in brotherhood, Ryan

Captain Bob,

I just got a conditional job offer from the city of Portland's Fire Bureau in Portland Oregon!!! I used your system and it worked!! I first saw your video in Alaska While I was working at the University Fire Department and was so impressed with it I purchased a copy of my own as my testing dates were approaching.
The video was an excellent motivator for those "slow waiting" times between tests and the nuggets that i was able to form from my own life experiences were awesome.   As I was approaching the first oral board interview and doing station visits and ride alongs I
would practice my interview answers to anyone who would listen.  (girlfriend, family, practice oral boards, ect.) I would even practice my answers while driving down the road in my truck.

My interview went well, I took the physical the next day and later in the afternoon while I was driving around in my AMR ambulance I got the call offering me the career of a lifetime!  I really feel as if I have won the lottery and only after a year and a half of testing.  Thanks Captain Bob for your tape.  It was definitely Key in getting the career of my dreams!!  Brad

I got my badge!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone over the last couple of months for all the great advise given. I got the CALL a few days ago and will start my academy late Oct. with 7 other people. As many of you know this is truly a dream come true. I have been testing for around 9 years, each time I got a little further. I did use Capt. Bob's program and I feel it pushed me over the the badge. 1300 people started the testing early this year and 8 of us are in the first class. Thank you all for support given.

Hi Captain Bob, thanks for all your wonderful help in helping others obtain the badge. You can tally up another badge from your program. I have and love every minute of it. I used your Entry Level Program to be successful in my interview and the process itself. I will be looking toward your guidance again when the department my family works for tests in the near future. Thanks again for all your good work. Jeff

I was working for CDF and testing without success everywhere I could.  Everything became clearer when I got your program.  Three months later I nailed my badge with ALCO. Tom

You and Rob helped me get my first badge a few months ago.  Now I’m testing for my home department.  Gary

Capt Bob.... to all of you who are trying to get into the fire service try Capt. Bob's system...I wasn't sure of it at first, and I figured how hard can the interview really be. Well after wasting my time and the interviewers time I finally got the system, and 2 interviews later got my job. SO try it...well worth it. Good luck.   all I can say now is thanks a lot. I got my badge after using your techniques in my interviews. I was so close on a lot of interviews but just couldn't get over the hump, but I got the call in early July. So I am enjoying my new department in the bay area. Great guys, great dept, and great pay...well worth the investment.... thanks again Capt. bob.

Dear CAPT Rob:
Congratulations on the promotion. I know you see
a lot of guys, and don't know if you remember me. I'm from OR. I came
down to do coaching with you in Feb of this year. I
worked at Rural Metro fire dept. I was preparing for
the city of Portland fire test. Anyway I'll get right
to the point. I bombed Portland, didn't make the
list (first interview jitters I think). Next tested at
TVF&R # 2 dept in OR. Ranked 74th, the next test I
took was for the city of Roseburg, OR... Bam! got the
job. That's right I'm a full timer and loving it. It's
all thanks to you and your dad and the help you both
gave me. You didn't give me the answers; you showed me
how to find them. I can't thank you enough. I wish you
and yours all the best, Dan

Captain Bob,

I would like to thank you and your son for putting out a wonderful
product that actually helps!  I received the audio/video package from a
friend who used it to get hired by the City of Tacoma, in Washington.  I
had no clue what I was doing wrong in my interview skills until, I
listened to the audio tapes.  Wow!  That did it!  I followed your
advice, streamlined my info to draw from and I found myself being
invited to Chief Interviews.  Well, the third time was the charm
because, after my 3rd Chiefs' I was offered a position with the City of
Redmond, near Seattle!  This is my dream department and using your tips
I made that dream a reality!  I will send all my friends who are
striving for a fire job your way.  Thank you!

Grinnin' Ear to Ear, Nate
p.s. you might be getting a call from some of my friends who have
suddenly become very interested.

Capt Bob, You helped me land 2 job offers from Everett and Seattle!! I
just got the second job offer 4 days ago. What a position to be in.
Thanks a lot Capt. Bob. Thanks also for talking to me before my psyche
interviews. The time you spent was much appreciated. Capt Bob can give
you the tools to use....but it's still your responsibility  to use them.
He wont give you a magic answer but he will tell you how to come up with
your own, goose bump makin' answers.

Thanks again Capt Bob. You guys give a great service and I'll continue
to recommend you and your services to my friends.

A note here:  As SN was moving forward in the hiring process, he told me
he had a lot of his buddies trying to get fire jobs too.  He tried to
share our CD/Video program with them.  He was surprised that they
weren't interested.  They told him they didn't need it.  They had it all
figured out because of their FF1 academies, education, experience and
buddies they had given them the inside track to get hired. 

Well, all of a sudden SN gets not one but two job offers.  How many
offers have all his buddies receive?  Zip, Zero, nada.  Now, all of a
sudden they're interested in getting what was the name of that web site
and program again?

Well, after 2 years of hard work I finally got the call I've been
waiting for.  Turns out I was #2.  To make it even better, the #1
candidate passed on the job (nuts, I know).  I went form placing only as
high as 30 on lists to now placing in the top 10 on the last 4 tests
I've taken.  Thanks again Cory

Over 700 people applied for this position and only 27 were hired. I am
one of them thanks to you and Rob! This feeling of accomplishment feels
like it will last a lifetime, it's an amazing feeling. It doesn't matter
where you are from, what part of the country you're in, how old or tall,
or fit you are, without these tools you have provided I'd still be a
phone man in NY. Now I'm achieved my dream job and proud to say I'll be
a firefighter in beautiful Virginia Beach. Thank you. Tim

Metro-Dade just finished an application process, which took about 1 year
to complete, and began with approximately 7000 applicants (yes, not 700,
7000). Since 60% of the final score was based on the oral interview I
knew that this would be the most important part. I began searching for
any tips I could get and came across your web site.

I definitely thought I'd be able to wing it, but my wife and I had spent
too much time, money and effort trying to get me onto a fire department
to just wing it. I sucked up my pride (which was extremely difficult)
and spent a lot of time sitting with a tape recorder just listening to
my voice and tone inflection.

Just feeling confident and knowing that I had done as much as I could
before walking in made me sit up straight in my chair, look the
interviewers in the eye and give them the best answers I could. Walking
out I felt as though I answered the questions way to quickly as there
was still time left on the clock, but it turns out that out of all the
people (they took about 24 people per turn) who were interviewed at the
same time, they all finished quite a bit before I did and were outside
waiting for me to finish. My attitude and confidence must have made an
impression because I missed the top score by 1 point.

Just knowing that I did everything possible to get the job helped me
sleep at night. I ended up 36 out of an original 7000 applicants and
1510 that made the final list. I have not been offered a job yet, but I
hear they are hiring approximately 300 persons and at the very least put
myself in the best possible position to obtain a badge. Wish me luck.
Thank you for all your advice. I will keep you advised of any job offers
because I would like to add to your growing list. Ryan

Cpt Bob,Just wanted to say thanks for your program.  It helped my son
get the badge.  He starts recruit school tomorrow.
C. H. Ellis III,  VA

Reply:  How do you think I feel when I get these e-mails?  My heart is
full, warm and full of emotions . . . every time! 

Capt. Bob, I can't begin to thank you enough for all of your products, phone calls, and wisdom. This all started for me back in November 2002, which is a just a short time ago considering most candidates can spend years trying to get a firefighter job. I took the written test then for the Virginia Beach FD. I am currently from NY. After receiving the letter to move on in the process I immediately ordered your Entry Level Program and hit the books.

Your emphasis on being prepared ahead of time has never been more true. I found that after preparing for each step in the hiring process, I could just feel the accomplishment walking out of that interview room. The feeling that I had nailed it was so exciting. For those candidates that think just because they are in the service as a volunteer or EMT, gives them the knowledge and preparedness is just plain ignorant. I was both a volunteer firefighter and EMT several years ago, and would not have known the skills and nuggets needed to get that edge and advantage through each step without your products, especially the CD/Video information on the oral board.

Along with a private coaching session from your son Rob, and all the information through your website and products, I am completely honored to tell you that I will be starting the academy for the Virginia Beach FD on august 1, 2003. I made it all the way through on the first try.

I have found that being prepared for each phase made the actual test parts easy. The hardest part of this whole process was the waiting process to find out if I was to move on! Over 700 people applied for this position and only 27 were hired. I am one of them thanks to you and Rob! This feeling of accomplishment feels like it will last a lifetime, it's an amazing feeling. It doesn't matter where you are from, what part of the country you're in, how old or tall, or fit you are, without these tools you have provided I'd still be a phone man in NY. Now I'm achieved my dream job and proud to say I'll be a firefighter in beautiful Virginia Beach. Thank you.  Tim


Capt. Bob,
First let me start by thanking you for all your
invaluable information and guidance. I've been using
your information and services for about a year now and
at long last after seven years and about 54 FF tests I
have reached my goal. Today I just got my official job
offer. I also came out #1 for another So. Calif. Department.

I am very excited about having a job
much less 2.   Cyrus


Dear Capt. Bob,

I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you for the help I received from you and your son Rob. I was hired in by a great department about ten minutes outside of Sacramento, CA. The funny thing is as I am getting to know my Company and others in my department and almost all of them have used either your tapes or had one on one interviews with you. It just goes to show that your program really works. I love my career and thank you for giving me the opportunity to succeed and fulfill my dream as a firefighter. Thanks, James


Well, I’ve got some bad news. As of July 24,2003 I've gone from lieutenant back to firefighter. The good news is that I'm now a career FF'er with a city department. I got the call on Wed. to come in to talk with the Chiefs. Ohh what a feeling!! I'm a FIREFIGHTER! I start Aug 4 and I can't wait. I like to give a little credit to Capt Bob even though I didn't subscribe to some of his literature his post on firehouse forums have been very helpful. To everyone aspiring to be a career FF'er, don't give up, study and practice hard, and say a prayer every night and soon you'll be sending a post like this too!

Good Luck! FF Steed LFD
P.S. Oh I still get to keep my LT. badge at my vollie Dept.

I just got back from our local farmers market. A guy walks up with a Lynnwood Washington FD (he was here visiting relatives). He said, “You’re Captain Bob, right?” Yep. Turns out Scott was a fire explorer with our department. He went to Washington state for his degree, met his wife to be, got our program, tested and was hired by a department and recently lateraled to Lynnwood. Here he is beaming with his chest all puffed out and his wife by his side holding their young daughter. Does it get any better? Made my day.  

A quick story that JUST happened. A very good friend that worked for a fire department here in North Carolina, had dreamed of getting hired in California. He subscribed to PFC only 6 months ago and apply to 2 So. Cal departments in the last 3 months. One was a lateral to a dream department. I loaned him your book and tape, told him of your web page and tried to give him a little help where I could. He felt he was reaching for the moon especially at 38 years old. Two weeks ago he got the call of a life time. Capt. Bob, "TODAY", 6/23/03 is his first day as a Southern California with this dream department, most in part because he read, watched your tape and reviewed your web page. Dream Big & Dare to Fail!

Capt Bob-

Attached is a picture of me standing by our medic unit outside of my
graduation from the Des Moines Fire Department Drill Academy back in
March.  I've been in the station since January and I am loving every minute
of it.  I got put at the busiest station in the city with what I believe is
the best crew in the city.  I helped pull a burn victim (dead) out of a
house fire last week.  Pretty exciting and pretty unbelievable they
actually pay me for this.  I've printed out the new rookie page and have it
in a visible place in my house.
You are my hero!!! Thanks again, Dan


Captain Bob,

Another success story for your program. I have been testing for the fire service for about 7 years. I am the classic example of someone who had all the certifications, including Paramedic experience, but could not make it past the oral board . I ordered your Entry Level program and prepared my answers to your 30 oral board questions. I scored high on the list for my local department (which happened to be the Department at the top of my wish list) and I just found out that I am hired. My academy starts April 14. After years of taking tests unsuccessfully, your program gave me the skills I needed to pass the oral board and fulfill my dream of becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic. I would also like to thank you for the time you took to personally answer my e-mails regarding my oral board and the background process.  Thank you,   Jeff

Captain Bob,

I bought your program and used your suggestions and even though I had to put my skills to the test with a few departments before getting hired. I'm glad to be writing this and telling you that I was hired on March 27 with a growing department here in Florida, we currently have 3 stations but are looking to put 3 more in the city within the next 5 years, even though many people look at this department as a stepping stone compared to others in the area, I'm looking forward to getting my career underway. Many thanks! Alan

Captain Bob

    A thousand thanks. You and Rob have my deepest gratitude. I began processing for our cities fire department last august. It was a grueling experience. I am 31 and felt this would be my only chance.

    I didn't find your web site until after my written exams, which I passed and made the cut mostly due to military preference. I read every article on your web site. I cut and pasted every notable nugget of advice. I studied them and applied your techniques. I found a huge amount information on the site. I passed my physical agility.

    I was very nervous about the polygraph and spoke with Rob, who calmed me down and gave me great advice after reviewing my history. Both you and your son responded with great advice to several emails.

    I ordered your special report on physiological exams and felt so empowered during my exams it was a joke. It was like I was in their heads instead of the other way around. I passed all with flying colors.

    I got my call; today was my last day in my civilian job. I start academy on March 3rd and am the happiest man on the face of the earth. Thanks so much and God bless you. John, Springfield, Ohio


Capt. Bob,

Almost 2 years ago at this time I began pursuing a
position with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.
Through friends in the department, as well as other
firefighters in the area, I became aware of your
audio/video oral board preparation guide.  For the
past 8 years my goal has been to work for this
department, and I knew if I wanted to give myself a
substantial chance I'd have to prepare early and set
myself apart from other candidates.  I used your
entry-level audio/video program, along with a tape
recorder, and rehearsed my personalized script over
and over until it became second nature to me.  The
first oral board I ever took I placed in Band B.  The
following year I refined my script and practiced even
more and was fortunate enough to place in Band A this
past May.
  Two weeks ago (January, 16) I received a call
stating a conditional offer of employment upon
successful completion of a polygraph exam, drug test,
and physical exam.  Just yesterday I received a call
from the department extending their offer of
employment for the upcoming fire academy which begins
in March. 


When I got the call, I immediately drove over to my mothers work.  When I walked in she saw the smile on my face and knew why I was there.  My mother and the other women in the office started crying.


The oral boards have been the most
challenging portion of this hiring process.  I can
undoubtedly say that without your program, along with
your personal advice throughout the past two years, I
would not be where I am today.
In less than 6 weeks I begin a new aspect in my
life.  One I've been patiently waiting, hoping, and
dreaming of for many years now.  No amount of thanks
could be expressed to my family, friends, and your
help throughout this process.  It hasn't sunk in yet,
and like you said, it may never sink in.  -Dennis

 Hi, Captain Bob!  Things are going great!  We start the academy on Feb 3!  I am soooo excited and pleased with my choice.  Thanks again for your advice. Take care, Anna

I got a job with SFFD!  Thanks for your help!


Remember this signature story from the December 02 issue of FireZine?

When I was 10 years old, my father took me to work with him as a captain on the Boston Fire Department.  That afternoon we got a call.  We rolled out with a lot of other rigs to an apartment fire.  I saw my dad get off the rig, direct people for rescue and extinguish the fire.  I knew right then that I would not be satisfied until I achieved my badge.  Steve

Now this from Steve:

This week I was notified of my appointment to the Boston Fire Department.  These things have a funny way of working out.  I will be better off and have much more opportunity for promotion in years to come.

Thanks Capt. Bob for the help in preparing for my interview, I know it will be of benefit in years to come.

Captain Robert and son;

I just want to thank you both for the help that you gave me. I just received a phone call from the Fire Department that I been perusing a career with, I start my academy in January 2003.  Once again thank you for making this Christmas the best Christmas of my life, I never thought I would be in this position. My Dreams did come true, with your help.  Sincerely, Jesse.


Rob:   I just want to thank you for your coaching help before my chiefs interview.  It was amazing the difference it made.  I had the chiefs oral at a So Cal Dept. and I got the Job!  I start my academy on the 23rd of Dec.  I am sooo stoked.  I couldn’t have done it without your help and I will recommend everyone I know that wants to be a firefighter to you. Thank you so much, Steve.


Capt. Bob

I want to thank you for your great internet site. For the last month I have been a frequent visitor. I have looked at it over and over again. Well all the time paid off on Friday. I got the call. I got the badge. My mind set was saying that was on one of your 101 secrets to getting the job and that was, "ride the winning pony" so I did. Thanks again so much.  Sincerely Jason

Captain Bob,

Just wanted to take a few minuets out of my busy pro-bee day to let you know that I finally nailed that badge!!!

After nearly 5 years of trying, I finally succeeded.  Just wanted to say that your Video/Audio tape package gave me the information I needed to “deliver the golden nuggets”.  I purchased the package after making many chiefs orals, but had no success after that. It only took 3 oral interviews after using your program to finally “get that badge”. So I am very proud and happy to say that I am in my second month of probation!!

Thanks again for having such an awesome program, which I would recommend to anybody looking to be successful in their quest to become Firefighters.  Murry


Dear Capt Bob,
I would like to start by saying thank you. I have used your study guide audio/video program for interviews and psych, you have critiqued my resume, and I have asked you questions about the process I was in with LAFD. Well, I would like to let you know I start the Academy with LAFD on 11/25. I will be Class 02-4 at Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Academy (drill tower 89). It has been a long process.

I have been testing for 3-4 years. I have FF1, AS Fire Science, Paramedic, experience and I was tired of getting rejected.

Well, I am anxious for the tower to start it will be a tough 19 weeks, but what I have gone through, I know I can do it. If you are in LA around the first week of April, you have my personal invitation to my graduation. It will be April 4th. Captain Bob thanks again, for everything, you have helped me in many ways. Keep doing what you’re doing. You make dreams come true. Thanks  Stan

Hi Captain Bob and son,

I don't have much time but I wanted to let you know that I have been hired and I am presently fighting to keep hold of the brass ring in the another Fire Academy. I am half way through and facing incredible challenges everyday.  I am so grateful to both you and your son and to be a part of the best profession on earth. I will send you a more complete testimonial when I have graduated the academy. Right now it is my only focus.  This is Dan singing off for now.                                              Thanks Again!

Rob, Hey just thought I would let you know that I got my results back.
I received a 96.67%. It placed me # 17 on the list. They only took the top 16. They said I should get a chiefs interview out of it soon. Oh well, it will give me a chance to go through the process with Contra Costa Fire and hopefully stay in northern cal and work for a great department.
Thanks for all your help

 Captain Bob,

                 I've sent you a couple of letters before, and contacted you in the past for help with resumes and which path to take to getting my badge. Well, this is the letter I've been waiting to send you for about 2 years now.  This is the letter THANKING YOU FOR HELPING ME GET MY BADGE!!!  I just received my official offer of employment letter from the City of Oakland as a Firefighter / Paramedic today.  Your resume critique, audio tapes, psyche report, and all aspects of your website made a huge difference in shortening my learning curve.  Being offered a job at 20 years old is rare, and I firmly believe that had it not been for your help, I wouldn't have my badge today.  Thank you again for everything!!!  Bill

 Just to keep you updated on our progress, we both accepted job offers. Now we have to hurry up and move...

Thanks for all your help throughout the entire process.  Jim & Jan

Hey Capt. Bob, Haven't talked with you for awhile, but I thought I'd fill you in on some interesting stuff. Our dept recently decided to hire two firefighters. My Captain came to me and asked me to help out a candidate that he wanted to see hired. I hooked him up with your audio/video program and had him practice with a tape recorder. He read and absorbed your website and showed up for his ride along with homemade cookies and good work ethic. I coached him for a couple of hours and sent him back to the tape recorder. When he went for his oral interview he nailed it and got hired over a whole bunch of other guys that had tons of certs! And this guy has nothing but his EMT! Kind of cool. Thanks for providing materials that work.

Also, I turned another guy onto your program. He ordered the audio/video pack and is signing up for coaching with Rob this week. I know that he'll get the big city badge that he wants sooner because the nugget answers that Rob will help him develop and refine. Hope all is well with you. Look forward to talking with you soon.  FireFighter Shane

Friends and Family,

I wanted you all to know that I finally received a formal job offer. 

I would like to thank all of you who helped me achieve this goal during the past five years.  I would not have been able to do it without your help, support and friendship.

 I will be starting the fire academy August 30, 2002. Once again, thank you very much! Sincerely, Cliff


I saw the ad for a fire job in my local paper in Washington State.  I had no fire experience and classes at age 33. I found your web site on the internet to help me prepare for a written test.  When I was notified that I had passed, I used your audio/video program to get ready for my first ever oral board.  I was surprised to get a call to come to a chiefs interview.  As I was going around to a couple of stations to gather information, the firefighters asked me how many tests I had taken.  When I told them this was my first one, they groaned they had tested 3,5 and 7 years to get a job.

 When the dust settled after the chiefs interview, I received a call offering me a job.  They hired two.  I was #1.  Thank you for being there.  Craig.


 My interview with a mid west Fire Department went VERY VERY well, thanks for the coaching.  It was a preliminary interview so they only asked four questions.  All of which I had worked on extensively.  I'm not concerned about moving on because I think it was just an interview to eliminate the people without a chance.


Their process is slower than time, hopefully they'll have another interview later this month.

The good news is, this morning I got a call this morning for a fire
fighter job I interviewed for sometime last fall.  The job is now pending passing a physical and drug test,  of course I took it.  It is with the same city Airport Fire Department.  Not the most exciting job in the world but I still get to go to work as a fire fighter and I still get paid.  I'm continuing in the process with the city fire department because the pay starts about 6 thousand more. thanks for all your help.  Dave

      ps, does this mean I get to count as one of the badges for Capt. Bob????

Reply from Captain Bob:

Yes, of course, you join the prestigious family of firefighters.  We hereby bestow upon you badge number 2,045 in our program.  This position will give you some experience to put on your resume.  Often, it’s easier to get a firefighter job if you already have one.   Keep us informed on your progress.

I'm a good test taker, very athletic, a people person, but everyone has a weakness. The oral board is what I needed help with in order to get hired. I found your site and the top 30 questions that may be thrown at you in the oral board. It was unbelievable when they threw question after question almost verbatim from your list. It was like they went to your website to use as a reference. I was completely prepared for all of them and I knew the job
was mine when I walked out.  Thank you sir for giving me the competitive edge I needed to secure a job in this extremely sought after profession.  Dave

 Bravo on your badge!  You are badge number 2,044 in our program.  What
department did you get on?
 We are just starting the academy here in Norfolk, Virginia. When completed, I will be an EMT-I/shock trauma Firefighter. We split our 24 hour shift into12 hours in each capacity. There is no question in my mind our class will get through it together. It was the boost you provided to get in the door that I needed.
Thanks again

Captain Bob,

I spoke with you right around a year ago inquiring about your program. 
After you asked me some questions, I did go ahead and buy the audio tapes. 
I got hired with the city I was interviewing with at the time and am almost
done with my probationary year.  Thanks for your help and sincerity.




Capt. Bob

Just wanted to update you on my promotional process.  The list came down two days ago, I am number 1!!  The Chief should make his appointment in a few weeks......I have done all I can do now its just wait and see! 

Thanks again Capt. Bob, I will keep you updated! Jim , MA

Capt. Bob:
It's been a while since we talked.  I sat at number two (and on needles and pins) since mid May waiting for the official word.  While on vacation, word un-officially leaked out.  Officially, I had my post promotion interview with the chief and finally heard the C words. Congratulations Captain!  Effective August 1. 

Thank you again, this probably would not have happened without your assistance and know how!  I recommend you to everyone who is a quality candidate and who really want to be a firefighter! 

I owe you a bottle of good cabernet sauvignon!  Thanks Again Terry

Well Capt for a "6 year guy " was the intro to every question asked I came out tied 6th on the list out of 88 candidates.   My first ever-formal interview.  I beat out a lot of veterans and they don’t like that. Our chief likes it to be 10yrs or more to get promoted. The list is out tonight and I know im not gonna get picked on the first round so patience is my friend right now.... so are tums!!  

However being now 4th  (4 out of 9 that made it to a interview were 6 year guys  we all came  in together). funny how all of us "young guys" toped the list.  in retrospect our fire chief made lt at 4 yrs  our dep chief in 5  3 assitant shiefs made lt in betwewn 47 yrs so they cant go off of time .  A good subjuect for you to head on is younger guys making the grade early in their career, shoot if I studied hard did good on the assessment and survived the interview why cant other "go to" guys do it.  I’m in a station with 5 companies largest sta in dept  (14 engs 7 trks 2 hvy squads  -I’m youngest on one of them - 3 batts 10 rescues)  about 500 strong.  lot of admin and job experince there 16 people in the house. well i look forward to your reply and thank you.


You got to love it!   The proof is in the list!  You are right.  We are having great success getting the younger guys in position the first time out.  Hey, if the old guys do not prepared and the young stallions are ready to go, this is what happens.  Keep me informed.

 Capt. Bob

I got the results of my assessment center yesterday.  My mark for the assessment portion was 84%.  My overall mark is 82%.   I am waiting to see where I fall with my competition.  There is only one other guy in the running for a permanent and an acting position. 

We both have been made Acting Captains and I start tomorrow.  Hopefully I will come out on top and get the first badge.

Thanks for your help, I will keep you updated! Jim

Entry Level:

Hi Rob.  I wanted to email you and thank you for all of your help with attaining a career in the fire service.  For the past 10 months I have been reading testimonials from people off of   who had become firefighters and wondered what those people were feeling.  I used those same testimonials as motivation and fuel to keep going and keep trying.  I now know what those people were feeling and it's indescribable.   I am one month into the Academy and absolutely loving it.  I know that I have just begun the journey and that the Academy and my probationary period is going to be challenging, but then again nothing worth while in life ever is.  I could not have done it without you and your fathers help and guidance.  Thank you again. Andy   

 I ordered the Entry level video and cassette tape package from you in early
spring to help me prepare for an interview with the Dept. I've been a
volunteer with for a little over two years. It worked! I felt confident
going into the interview, which made it easy to be myself and answer the
questions to the best of my ability. I've been trying to get hired for
almost ten years at Fire Dept.s in and around my home state. About two years ago I decided to give it one last real try. Your program helped me over the edge! Thanks, Tim

Hey Captain Bob it's Ken again. Well I got the call on Wednesday
and offered a position to become a firefighter. I still can't believe
I actually got hired. I read your psych report before my interview and it
definitely helped. I just wanted to tell you the good news. I have
decided to go with this offer instead of waiting for the other offer to be presented. I did a lot of thinking about it and talked it over
with my family and girlfriend and we all think it's the best way to go. I
can't wait to get started! Well I just wanted to share the good news with
you. Take Care! Ken

 I received your 2 audio tapes and video last year.   I was trying to

get on at another paid dept. at the time, (which i have got on as a

paid part timer on my off duty days) Anyway.   I refered your tapes to a friend of mine that was trying

out for the dept that I am currently on.  This was his 2nd time

going thru the process and I thought your tapes would put him

over the edge.    Well he called me yesterday...He got the badge.

Your course works!    Thanks  Jeff

Thank you so much for this web site.  It helped me when I felt
like there were no answers for my questions.  This web site is a
godsend for those who are looking to get the badge.  From June
to August of 2001 I was in the entrance process for the second
largest fire department in New Mexico.  I don’t recall how I
found this web site, but let me say that the information
contained in this site helped me all the way through.  All I needed
was in front of my face.  The information I found on here led me
to do more research on my local fire department within the
community.  All of my questions were answered.  Let me say that I
began the academy on August 28 and graduated on December 15 with
the pinning of my badge.  Nothing counts till you get the badge,
nothing!  I am now in my second rotation of my rookie year.  
There are three all together.  So far my rookie year has been
successful.  It will continue to be so.  We are now getting
geared up to run another academy and I have so many people
asking me the same questions that I had last year they even have
the same lost look on their face that I did.  I have referred
them all to this site, and suggested they buy the products
offered. I know that it will help them.  I don’t want to give
them all the answers, I fell that if they want it bad enough
they well find a way just like I did. There are a few things
that I want to share.  Becoming a firefighter is the best move
that I have ever made.  I cannot wait to get back to the station
when we get relieved from the oncoming shift.  I cannot imagine
doing anything else.  I have fulfilled my child hood dreams and
would like to thank you for putting a light at the end of the
tunnel for those that are searching for answers and hope.  Thank
you very much.  

I got the call today. I have a conditional job offer from County
Fire Rescue in Maryland. This was my fourth time applying to a department
and I am thrilled. I got your tapes, talked with Rob and it happened.

When I was telling my story in the interview as to why I wanted to be a firefighter, the panel did it just like you said. They all stopped writing about the same time, put their pencils down and looked up at me. I was on fire, it was the best feeling to know they were completely caught up in my story. 

It was like talking with old friends after that. At the end of the interview they were smiling and so was I. It was a great experience. Thanks so much for the help. Thanks again,   Gary


 Thanks for the help on your site.
I aced the interview from studying questions and recording myself to hear
how I did.  The chief told me he was excited to work with me and hoped I
could offer the department the technological edge they are looking for.
Thanks again. Jon

 Promotional Badges:

Capt. Bob;

The oral board and assessment scores came in.  Even though it was different than I expected I moved up to #2, with an overall score of 83.5 %, only 1 1/2 points out of #1.     You were right, they didn't surprise me.  Your program is great, but without your individual coaching, I wouldn't have trusted myself enough and believed in my abilities to relax and be ENTHUSIASTIC!  Everyone thinks I'm in, but I'll let you know  when I've got the badge.  Thanks again! Terry

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your help in getting my "Gold" from the Marinwood Fire Department! Every idea you suggested in your materials on the oral interview was used by me to get the "Chiefs" job.

Here’s how:

 Number one, I was myself (not an actor).

Number two, I used stories that related to me personally about the fire service (not a canned answer).

Number three, I showed enthusiasm, looked at my interviewers eyes, and smiled a lot! I thought about the question before answering...

Number four, I did lots of research about the Marinwood Community Service District via the web and friends who were familiar with their fire department. I went to the firehouse and spoke with the troops...they gave the answers to questions asked of me during the final interview.

I failed many more oral boards than you can imagine, but passed the final personality matched what the district was looking for in a new fire chief.

I am having fun in my new position and have a group of individuals who respect me professionally and individually...


Chief Bill Long

Marinwood Fire Department

P.S. Learn as much as one can about ICS and apply to ALL emergency incidents questions...start with establishing command, naming command, and assume all the responsibilities of command until your span of control is exceeded...initiate command staff positions and general staff positions as needed by you to control and eliminate the emergency situation.

 Cap:   I ordered your video/audio tape to prep for my oral and departmental
interview for Police Lieutenant and I came out number one on the promotional
list. I won’t say that it was 100% from the result of your program, but it
surely helped. The use of the tape recorder was great, it helped me in
getting my thoughts together and the ?nugget? theory drove it home!  I hate
to say it, but even though it was a ?firefighter? geared presentation I was
able to take some pointers from you and score ?The Badge?.

Bob Pasadena Police Department

Captain Bob’s reply:

As Bob found it’s the same skill set for Fire, Police or any job interview.  The proof is in the badge!

Captain Bob,

I have been recently offered a Deputy Fire Marshal position for a major
university in Southern California.  By nature of course, I will be conducting
inspections, provide fire prevention programs/training to the school population, and respond, yes respond, to fire alarms, fires, hazmat situations etc. (with the backing of the Los Angeles Fire Department). Although, some may have different opinions of a "fire prevention" position as opposed to a "fire suppression" position, I consider this a HUGE opportunity. Word has it that it was my interview that nailed my position. 

 I have purchased your program and cherish it. I took your advice on the tape/video, contacted fire marshals for insight on the position, wrote my "script", had my business attire prepared (I prefer not to buy new underwear, I feel more comfortable with my unmentionables being broken in),
and practiced, practiced, practiced.  Was the nominal purchase price you
charged worth the future career I have in front of me? DEFINITELY,
POSITIVELY and ABSOLUTELY yes!!  It took me seven years to obtain a
fire position with many sacrifices, but worth the wait.  I am waiting for the
director of the department to approve my salary increase so a formal offer
in writing be presented to me later this week.  Will I accept, of course I

Many will knock you for your services. I see nothing wrong with helping others achieve their goals and getting a little something in return.  It is what consulting is all about.  Thank you for your help.

My question for you is this:  Once I have the offer in writing in front of me
and I accept, am I worthy of a badge from you?

Respectfully submitted, Ricardo

P.S. I can't stop from feeling giddy.


I just wanted to thank you for your tapes. I got a badge after only two oral
boards after receiving your tapes. I have been pursuing this career for
nearly eight years. And four months after using your tapes I got the best
job in the world. Thank You Trevor


Dear Captain Bob
I read every single one of your postings on perfect firefighter.  I bought your audio/video program and guides to making it through the interview process.  When I called you on the phone worried about the next phase and whether I was going to make it through, you told me to take a deep breath and knock it off.  When I emailed you personally with questions, you replied right away.  You have been my reality check, my pressure gauge, and now I can finally say the words you have heard 2000 times before...

I got the call today.  I'm hired.  Done.  Kaput.  My search is over.   It has been a LONG road and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am.  You do good work captain.  And we all appreciate it very much. thank you for your help.  K

Hey Rob,  I just wanted to write a quick thank you to you and your pop. About two years ago I got the tapes and had you come out to my station at the river for personal coaching and since have been hired by a great department in the peninsula.  I am recently off probation and loving life!

This job is the greatest thing (next to my family) that has ever happened to me and was worth all the hard work.  The tapes and your coaching gave me a good foundation to work from to improve my interviewing skills and ultimately got me hired.  Thanks again guys, you truly are helping a lot of people get into the fire service.  Scott.


Capt. Bob,

 I can really relate with the last post you made on the community board dealing with testing. I was very similar to the guy named Dave. I took every test I could in California. I was a paid on call fire fighter, a seasonal for CDF in the summer and a student at CSU Chico trying to get a Bachelors degree. All of the sudden this last year my life changed forever. I took a test for a department just thinking I was doing it for experience. A few months later I got a letter stating I passed and that my oral interview was soon. I took the oral, got a letter a few months later stating that I passed. I was thinking to myself cool!! But I did not hear anything for a while (nearly six months). Then all of the sudden I had a chiefs interview, wow!! Then a physical, psych, background. Nearly a year after the test I had a full time job. This was a test I almost did not take, but I took it any ways for the experience. I am so grateful that I had a great girlfriend that convinced me to take the test. I am half way through probation and looking very good. I am so happy that all of my dreams for my career have started. I tell all of my buddies that want the badge as you say, test, test, test. Some get the idea and have gotten jobs. Some have not. 

Matt  Firefighter

Rob I talked to you and got your tape in the mail about 3 yrs ago.   The very next 2 interviews I took I got job offers.  I have now been a fulltime FF-medic for 2 1/2 years down here in So. CA.  I can truly see the difference in my orals before and after.  I will be testing for Las Vegas and if I get an interview will for sure get in touch with you.  Thanks again


Hey Captain Bob, I am writing from Idaho to thank you for your help. I have been a volunteer with the cities department for 2 years now and finally got a shot at a full time position. I went into the hiring process knowing nothing about interviews. I had taken one before to get on as a volunteer. I knew I
needed help so I purchased the audio video program you sell. I did exactly what you said to do and ill be damned I was called back for a second interview then offered the job.

The funniest part about the whole thing is a few of my buddies were interviewing for the position as well so I said nothing to them about your program. Come to find out one other guy knew about it as well and had it sent second day about a week before the interview....needless to say he got offered a job as well...

You can be sure ill recommend your program to anyone seeking assistance with an oral board....  I can not wait to get on the team...thanks Captain.  Jim            


Dear Captain Bob,     

Just a quick note to let you know that I have been on the job for 2 months now and your

tapes gave me the confidence that I needed in the oral boards. Thanks a million, from my

whole family! Keith


Just a quick note to thank Capt. Bob and his son Rob for the awesome tools and coaching that they provide. I just got word today that I got hired at an awesome department in my home state! I've only been applying for a fire job for six months and have only tested for one joint recruitment and have very few certs. But I ordered Capt Bobs audio/video combo pack on preparing for the interview, I practiced religiously with a tape recorder, I asked Capt Bob a thousand questions on his toll free number, and I did coaching with Rob the week before my interview. The end result of all this preparation is that I nailed the interview and got my badge! I start December 3rd. When I was talking with one of the other recruits, I asked him what he thought was the main thing that helped him get the job. He asked me, Have you ever heard of Capt. Bob?! Out of only 5 hires, that makes two of us for sure that followed Capt. Bobs advice and got the badge!! If you are serious about getting a fire job, Take a look at his website, and call him at his toll free number that is listed on his site. The information that is provided is awesome, and it will help you get hired. I'm living proof.

Thanks Capt. Bob!!!  Sean

Now I know what you mean when you say....
Nothing counts until you have the badge!

 Hi CPT Bob,

After three and a half years of trying to wing it, I finally ordered your tapes (about a year ago). Then last June I finely got the call and I started July 1st of this year. This is a little over due, but I just wanted to say thanks for the info. I talked to the guys on the board after I was hired and was told the "Nuggets" helped a lot.

 Thanks again! Tom

 I am just letting you know that I got the call today, I am going
to be a firefighter in Alberta, Canada.  Your
audio/video package gave me the tools I need to pass my chiefs
oral and I thank-you for your input to my email queries.  I start
training January 7 and I as so excited!  This is trully what I
have always wanted and I thank you for everything!  

To anyone who is thinking about ordering Captain Bobs stuff, you
have to get it, it will change your score, your life and give you
the career you have always wanted!

Thanks again Captain Bob!  Tim



Bravo on getting your badge!  Thank you for letting us know.  You have proved again this program works.  The proof is in the badge!

 Fire "Captain Bob" 

Thanks for all your help!  I just found out I am # 1 with Tukwila, Wa! I am so stoked!  Thanks again Capt!
Thank You, Brian

I would like to thank you for the great service that you offer. I have been a full time firefighter for a little over a year but with budget problems and threats to lose my position because of it I decided to try for a more stable position.
I ordered your tapes and book on conquering the physc exam and got a job offer on my first try! Your web page and email accessibility was also priceless.
The only downfall of your program was that friends in my department who have been testing for months up and down California are all upset with me because I received a job offer after one try. I guess I can live with that though.
Thanks again, Casey

Capt bob. I finally did it. Vegas called Wednesday afternoon for an academy invite Tuesday Oct 2nd at 7: 00 am.  It took eleven tests to get to today. The first 4 were without your program. I did not get anywhere. I got this offer because I nailed the Vegas oral. No doubt about it! if I can ever do anything for you, let me know. i will spread the word.  Jim

 Capt. Bob, Well, I want to start off by saying that with your help, I am finally a firefighter!!!!!!!!!  I am in the academy that started last Monday. Kyle

 Capt. Bob,
I used your tapes and video to help me get the Badge, well it worked I got the Badge at a department in Northern California.  Al


Capt. Bob!!
    Well, it is time!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!! Your
video, other info and advice through e mails paid off!! I was testing for my
dream department. During that time I received phone calls from
3 other departments.(By the way, I have only been testing for 1 1/2
It seemed like a long wait between each process but it was worth
it!! I received a phone call today offering me the position.
I obviously accepted. I could not believe out of all
of the lateral applicants, I was the only entry level to be offered a position...guess that makes me #1 or #2.Can't beat that!! You are definitely an inspiration!! I couldn't have done it without your help!! I start the academy on the 28th of Sept. THANK YOU,
AGAIN!!!  :)  Pat

Captain Bob,
      I just wanted to say thank you, I got a call a couple days ago
from the Portland Fire Bureau, they offered me a job. I am the one that
called you for private coaching. I know your tapes and video pack made a difference
This was the third chiefs interview I went to, and PFB was where I
really wanted to work. I am so stoked. I start the academy on the 27th of Sep. I know I
had good credentials but you definitely helped me to present them. Thank you....

Captain Bob:
Just wanted to thank for the entry level audio/video program.  I just
started testing.  On my first test I got the job.  Brian

Received the badge  and I owe my success and deepest thanks to Captain Bob, and son Rob. With out their help, I truly believe that I wouldn't have been successful.  Captain Bob, I'm sure you know who I am.  I talked to you on the phone about my psych test and you advised me to contact your distributor and have it rush e-mailed to me.  To everyone who is testing to land their dream job as a firefighter, don't give up. Keep fighting for what is yours.  If you fail a test or a couple of tests don't get frustrated, get stronger.  Test for multiple departments and cities if possible, try other states.   As for Captain Bob and his firefighter son Rob, I can't thank you both enough for what you did for me and many others in helping us achieve our goal.

 Good luck to everyone in their search for the greatest job in the world.  Rio Hondo Class #50   Paul

GUESS WHAT?  I got a 4.8 on my first interview and a 4.7 on my second interview.  Both of these were out of a possible 5.0.  I am so glad I ordered your video it is what got me over the hump I am sure of it.   Thanks a million.   I was ranked number 7 out of 1100 people that took the test.  The first interview 650 people got to take    you had to score at least a 4.1 to go to the second interview  as I said I scored a 4.8  and on the second a 4.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    After seven years of giving clone answers this year I knocked the dead.  I still was being honest but gave them information in a different format   Thanks again Ted

Hello, Capt Bob-

Well, it finally seems real. All the hoopla has died down, and it is
packing time. I received my formal invitation to the Academy yesterday.

I also submitted my written resignation. Although this is a dream come true, it is still a bit scary, leaving my comfort zone. Through hard work, my wife's support, and the Good Lord, the next 20 years will be great.Your generosity and spirit saved my career. Thank you. Badge #1971, aaron

Yet another one of your candidates with a success story.  I got the call to start the academy, Labor Day, Sept. 3rd. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight with the rest of us.  Karsten

It sure is nice not having to test for a badge anymore as well!  Capt. Bob's tapes/video's certainly helped me get the few extra "nuggets" that I was missing.  Now instead of planning my Saturday's taking a written, I spend them with my family!! Almost nothing counted until I got the badge!

 Captain Bob:
I have not spoken to you, but I bought your Conquer the Job Interview package in preparation for a couple of fire dept. tests recently.  When I got to the interview with the first department, I was very nervous and ill-prepared.  Consequently, I did very poorly.  That really motivated me to study your materials and spend time considering the mistakes I made in that
first interview. 

In June I tested with the Anchorage Fire Dept.  Because of
my poor score earlier, I was very concerned about the oral interview portion.   However, with good preparation, this time the questions seemed
almost easy.  I was able to see the root of the questions and give them the answers they needed.

I received a conditional job offer from the city, and two days later was taking the psych test.  Luckily, I had also already bought your Psych Interview report.  I practically memorized it prior to taking the psych eval.  The best thing about it was that it took a lot of the fear of the unknown out of that process.  When I had my interview with the psychologist I felt prepared.  I was able to have a relaxed dialogue with him while keeping my answers focused.  Even better, he said I scored very well on my
profile anyway, so he wasn't really digging.

I just got the phone call that I passed the psych eval and the other checks, and I have a start date in September! I can't wait.

I have been working as a paramedic for a private ambulance, and now I get to start my career as a firefighter/paramedic with a great department.  Thankyou for helping me to get my badge.


Capt. Bob,

This letter is long over due.  I contacted you recently (1 year ago), and ordered your video package.  I did this after noticing that many of your students testimony on the bulletin board (PFC).  I have many certs. to speak of including Paramedic.   The only hinder that I found myself with was not passing the oral.

Since ordering the video and audio tapes, I was nailing the interviews.  Getting hired over the auxiliaries at there own dept., and with a heck of a lot less experience.  Your tapes and techniques helped me excel pass the other candidates, I even had one cities Fire Chief personally call me at home to set up a Chief's oral, ( had to decline, due to the fact that I was
at orientation for another dept.).  To make a long story short, nothing counts until you have the badge, nothing.  For all of the candidates out there that don't believe this, try passing and ranking #1 on orals with a stuttering problem... I did. Don

After many years of tests, hardship and getting those flimsy "No Thanks" letters in the mail, I finally got a chance to prove my worth in great Fire Dept. in So. Cal. I was one of the candidates that was out of the process with this particular department then the phone rang and I was put through all the hiring hoops in 2 days! I called Capt. Bob and he could not be more supportive. I had never taken a psych. test and was very worried that I would fail. He reminded me about the winning pony and gave me a few other tips. Just wanted to say thanks again to Capt. Bob and to all the others who helped me get this far. This is only the start of a great career.


Hey Capt. Bob I wanted to say how much your products
have helped get hired.  it is so true that the Oral is
everything and that you need an edge to pass ALL the
others you are competing against.  Especially with me
I took more tests than I care to admit as well as
having some background issues I was lucky to have been
hired by a Dept. here recently.  Again I couldn't of
done it without learning from your tapes.  Thanks DT


Captain Bob,
     Paul Long here in York County, VA. You assisted me with my interview
format as well as how to present myself and I would like to let you know that
I was promoted to Lt. this morning. I cannot thank you enough for your
assistance, and the tape recorder does not lie!! Again thank you. At the
bottom of this E-mail you will find the brief e-mail announcement from our
Chief to all personnel. Thank you.

Paul Long
Lieutenant, York County Department of Fire and Life Safety

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Sr. FF. Paul Long to the position
of lieutenant. Please join me in congratulating Lt. Long on this promotion.
In addition, I would like to thank and recognize the efforts of all
personnel involved in this process.

A formal memo will be distributed announcing this promotion.

Stephen P. Kopczynski
Fire Chief

 Capt. Bob,

 Today in the mail I received some of the best news of my 18 year fire career. In that mail was a letter from the Civil Service Commission that stated I was the #1 candidate in the promotional testing for the position of Fire Lieutenant.

The testing consisted of a written test (165 questions) and an assessment center that consisted of three separate parts, A coaching and counseling session, A formal interview that included a tactical problem and a written exercise concerning staffing of a new fire station.

 After the written portion I was sitting a solid third and if you counted seniority points I was sitting second. Since there was only one position open for immediate promotion, I knew I had to smoke the assessment center portion to "lock in" my badge.

After the written portion I had 10 days to get ready for the assessment center. I did this by using your video and audio tapes at almost every waking moment. I knew them backward and forwards, Not only the tapes themselves but the concepts behind them.

I also used the notes and sample questions that came with the training packet. I answered all of the questions longhand and on the computer in a form that I could study. I also made 3 x 5 cards that I took into the assessment center with just the "Nuggets" written on them to reinforce the major points.

It turned out just like you said that it would, My answers to the oral questions such as "why do you want to be a Lieutenant?" were not a suprise. My answers weren't "canned" or from rote memory. Just like a line in a good movie, they were rehearsed to the point that it felt natural, I had just enough nervous energy to put an edge on my answers but I wasn't shooting from the hip.

 Words can't express the feeling I had today when I opened that envelope. Thank you for providing that extra edge that helped me get my badge.


 Don Witner Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department

1924 Front Street

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio  44221

 Hello, Bob-

My Chief's interview last Monday was more painless than I anticipated. Your coaching tips were greatly appreciated. It was extremely helpful for me to have your verbal reinforcement to augment all the written material from the website and audio/video. Thank for the phone calls. Those nuggets worked well. The pulling out the job announcement and saying this job was written for me was it! Overall, I believe the interview was simply to get to know me, having only asked six or seven questions. Mostly the board concerned themselves with my demeanor, possible interaction with volunteers, my intentions, and my personal life. Although there is no residency requirement, they asked if I was going to move closer, which my wife had discussed and would like to. The Chief brought up the pay and benefits. Although I felt a bit odd discussing them, he wanted to know if the pay was enough. The only word I said was, "Yes." I didn't want to get soap operay. Inside I was thinking, they are great! They also hammered away on the rural aspect of the job. The Good Lord works in ways I seldom understand, yet I understand why I have been working in a rural area! I truly enjoy the rural fire/ems job over the suburbs or the big city stuff. I have always thought I would have to ride "on the box" for many years at a big city before being able to ride backwards. It did not excite me. Then, at the end of the interview, they confirmed my references were available for contact. One of my references just moved and I did not have his new address with me, so I faxed it back to them the next morning. By that afternoon, they had called all my references. I'm patiently waiting. I'm not really worried, as I have been in the past. I feel a comfortable peace about the situation. There are still one or two small personal dilemmas presenting themselves to me and my wife, but we've decided to let them go, as they always work themselves out. I simply just screw them up. That is how good God is. Anyway, independent of the results, I wish to thank you for your true "love of the game" to help a snotty nosed rookie like me obtain my life's dream. Your genuine interest in me and my family has lifted my spirits and re-inflated a life preserver under me, floating me back to the top, and reminding me, "Hope is the anchor of the soul." I feel I am a better person for finally overcoming the obstacle that has been in front of me for so long. Patience may be a virtue, dogged determination can keep one in the game, but wisdom overcomes all.

 Thank you,

aaron dean


Captain Bob,
    I can't believe it, I just found out that I passed my backgroundwith my dream  Fire Department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I never really thought this could happen to me because it seems like I'm the type of guy that has to work twice as hard as everyone else to make it.  I cannot thank you enough for ALL of your help.

Visiting your website and purchasing your products made all the
difference. There are so many things to be done for the preparation of the interview process.  Everything counts and what you do not know will seriously hurt you. 

In my many years of pursuing this career I have listened to
everyone's advise- many of the people seemed to give advice that was confusing and contradictory.  Not only was your advice solid and to the point, you have a gift for analyzing people, you figured out my personality and kept me on course during the entire process. 

If anyone is even contemplating purchasing your products andyour coaching, I guarantee it, your products along with very hard work equals a badge.   And now that I have the badge,

Every penny, ounce of hard work, and countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years of preparation are definitely worth it.  Thanks for all the help, advice, and even follow-ups.
                                            R. Hughes  - Badge: 1,950

Capt. Bob,

Today in the mail I received some of the best news of my 18-year fire career. In that mail was a letter from the Civil Service Commission that stated I was the #1 candidate in the promotional testing for the position of Fire Lieutenant.  Better yet, I was number one by 3 full points!

The testing consisted of a written test (165 questions) and an assessment center that consisted of three separate parts, A coaching and counseling session, A formal interview that included a tactical problem and a written exercise concerning staffing of a new fire station.

Since there was only one position open for immediate promotion, I knew I had to smoke the assessment center portion to "lock in" my badge.

After the written portion I had 10 days to get ready for the assessment center. I did this by using your "Promotional" video and audio tape program at almost every waking moment. I knew them backward and forwards, not only the tapes themselves but the concepts behind them.

I also used the notes and sample questions that came with the training packet. I answered all of the questions longhand and on the computer in a form that I could study. I also made 3 x 5 cards that I took into the assessment center with just the "Nuggets" written on them to reinforce the major points.

It turned out just like you said that it would, my answers to the oral questions such as "why do you want to be a Lieutenant?" were not a surprise. My answers weren't "canned" or from rote memory. Just like a line in a good movie, they were rehearsed to the point that it felt natural, I had just enough nervous energy to put an edge on my answers but I wasn't shooting from the hip.

 Words can't express the feeling I had today when I opened that envelope. Thank you for providing that extra edge that helped me get my badge.

 Sincerely,Don Witner

Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hi Captain Bob- Just wanted to let you know that I recently got the badge and             couldn't have done it without your help. I am in week two of my 5 week academy and am absolutely loving it. Every day I practically have to pinch myself to be sure it is real. I used to go into the oral boards trying to wing it. It took me 3 years to figure out that wasn't working. Then I bought your tapes. They were worth every penny. My scores instantly shot up and I got chiefs orals on every test I took. I also bought your psychological exam packet and used every bit of info on your website. Just wanted to let you know that you were a tremendous help to me and I thank you for all of the info you made available to me. Thank you, Scott


 Capt. Bob, My name is George. We have never met or spoken on the phone but I felt the need to express to you my thanks. Several months ago a friend of mine and I split the cost on your "Conquer the Job Interview Tapes." My friend, Alan, and I had been doing fairly well in the job process. We both were making it to the interview phase but we weren't scoring high enough to move on. That's when we heard about you. We decided to give your service a try and we couldn't believe what we heard. All of our answers were clone answers that we had been taught in the fire academy! With the help of your tapes we were able to personalize our answers and right away there was a difference. Alan got a job with the Sacramento Metro Fire Dept. As for myself, I got the call from the department I had hoped for all along the Santa Barbara City Fire Dept. My academy starts March 12th. Your tapes and the psych report helped both of us a great deal. Thank You!!!! Keep up the great work. Sincerely, George

 Author: Badge #1937 Subject: I Got The Call!!

Well after five years and 24 test I finally got the call I have been waiting for. I got the job of my dreams. I can not even begain to express what this is like. I can finally move on with my life. For the last 5 to 6 years every bit of my time outside of work has been consumed with tring to get this job. I have missed family events and weddings to go take test. I quit a good paying job to take one that payed about half as much, so I could have more time to go school and to test. I have charged up my credit cards to travel around and take every test I could. I have broken plans so many times with my girlfriend, it is amazing she still with me. It has not been easy by any means. I have gotten a lot of help and support from family and friends and for that I am so thankful. But their is one Person I can not even begain to thank, and that person is Capt. Bob. With out his help I would not be writing this long e-mail. Capt Bob shows you the tools to make your dream come true. He is willing to help you with any stage of the testing process. For me the biggest help was the private coaching for the oral board. What a difference it made. Getting the job is a game and Capt. Bob helps you to learn how to play the game! For those of you who are critical of Capt. Bob, Know this. I would not have this job with out the help of Capt. Bob. MY only regrete is that I did not call him sooner! So if you feel stuck and that you may never get this job, check out his web site. See what he is all about. It's not about the money. The little bit of money I spent was so worth it. What do you have to lose?

Thanks Capt. Bob and thanks to your son Rob as well. I am forever grateful to you both.


Here's another: 

Dear Captain Bob:

I'm writing you this letter to thankyou for all you have done for me in preparing for my successful attempt at becoming a career firefighter. I have been involved in the fire service for over 12 years, as a volunteer, in that time I have made many unsuccessful attempts at promoting to career firefighter. Since I purchased your video and cassett combo pack I now understand the lack of judgement and prepardness I had going into my previous attempts of becoming a career firefighter, you have shed new light into the oral board philosophy, you helped me prepare an awesome script and find a comfort level that I had never experienced before at oral boards.

This prepardness has finally placed me on the next list for hire of career firefighters at my department, in fact, I placed #1 on two lists, Lateral Firefighter/Paramedic and Internal Recruitment Firefighter. I just can't thankyou enough for the "nuggets" in preparing for my orals and even though I was not able to take advantage of a private coaching sessions I felt your presence in my presentation during my successful completion of the oral board process. In fact, I have been widely requested to give advice to the current career firefighters of the department in their attempts to promote to Captain, and have requested they visit your web site to find out how to be successful from the "Master" himself. Thanks again! I finally will get my badge and I will always remember the person that helped me get there.




Still more:

Captain Bob: I would just like to thank you for providing me with some tips on the interview process. My dream finally came true...I was offered a spot in the academy for a local fire department on the east coast. Thank you again. John


Captain Bob; Thom  here, I got the call yesterday from San Jose Fire, it hit me like a ton of bricks, the Captain called me on my cell phone while I was standing in line at Radio Shack buying camcorder tapes to tape my kids. The clerk behind the counter couldn't understand why I was dancing around the store, I think he called security and thought there was a 5150 in the store. I called my wife, she started to cry in between congratulations and my kids can't stop smiling with pride. I bought your tapes, videos and pamphlet regarding the psychological test and consulted your website often. Thanks so much for your help, my dream has come true. TR


Capt. Bob, I am a current 5 year Firefighter with Bullhead City Fire Department on the Colorado River across from Laughlin NV. I ordered your Audio/Video Psych and book a couple of weeks ago. I feel they are all a wealth of knowledge. I am going to a Chief's oral Next week for Henderson Fire for a FF/Paramedic Position in Nevada. I just want to thank you for giving me the tools and helping me recognize some mistakes I have made with testing in the past. I have not tested much since getting hired with Bullhead, but reading your materials has enlighted me to feel much more confident going through the process. I have passed your information to other firefighter's and they all feel the same. Keep up the good work! Alot of people really appreciate your efforts! I will let you know how it goes, and would really enjoy talking with you or meeting you sometime. John


  Dear Captain Bob Smith, I feel obligated to thank you for getting me over the hump. My story starts some five years ago when I had the idea to start testing for the job of a Firefighter. I changed my major in college to Fire Science, and joined a unique College run fire department in California. I then hit the testing road. My classmates and I shared as much information on testing with each other as we could. We where the energizer bunnies that you refer to. I covered 9 states and took some 30+ tests. But, to my avail, I wasn't making it on any lists. The written and physical test where no problem, and I thought that I could just "wing it" on the oral board. My answers, I later found out, where of the typical clone variety. Until one day a fellow classmate of mine came to me and turned me onto your tapes. I followed your words to the tee. I taped my practice oral board interviews and looked at myself in the mirror as well. Then I set out for yet another testing trip. This particular trip covered 3 departments in three different states. Needless to stay, I got on the lists of all three. Later I got offers from all three as well. I was ranked number one on two of them, and in the top 5 on the remaining list. I have been I carrier firefighter for some 2 years now. I owe my carrier to you Captain Bob Smith. You truly helped me when I thought I would never get a chance to be a firefighter. Every chance I get to help a struggling tester, I mention you and your expert insight on how to get that badge! I will continue to use your insight, as the promotional part of my carrier is just around the corner. To quote you sir: " You want that badge, go get that badge". Use the nuggets!!! Sincerely, Chris

Capt Bob, Hi again, my name is Chuck Adams, you first helped me when I was in Medic school and was testing for Carlsbad. I'm the guy from Burlington, VT who came out here intending to work for San Diego City. I once called you asking you about testing for a Department even though you know it's not the place you really want to spend your career, you called it prostituting yourself! Anyway, I got the job in Carlsbad and successfully got the Beep out of Calexico, CA. More recently I turned a friend that I worked with in the Burlington FD onto your promotional program. His name is Rob Mullen and he said he credits his success on his recent promotional exam to you. I am constantly still turning many others to your web-site. Now I am writing to again pay my respects and thank you for such an awesome program. Because of me following your advice I was able to do well enough to get hired in San Diego City... at last. This is the department that I set out to work for when I returned to California from Burlington, VT. A million thanks Capt Bob for all that your program did for me. It was a major component to me attaining my most desired goal. I feel so happy to have been hired that it all seems like a day dream, until Monday the 29th of Jan, the first day of the academy. Thanks, I hope that we may cross paths at some point so I may thank you in person. Take Care and Best Wishes to you and your family. Chuck Adams! PS You may recall assisting another guy from Carlsbad that got hired in SD City, Baryic Hunter. I turned him onto your program also. He had tested in SD many times and this time nailed it! _________________________________________________________________


 Date: January 23, 2001 08:09 PM

                  Author: dream job

                  Subject: thanks Captain BOB,ROB


                  I would like to take the oppturnity to thank captain bob and his son rob for all

                  of there help in my pursuit of my dream job I finally got it in early jan. It was so

                  worth all the pain and suffering trying to get the job I was in tears when I got the

                  call that I was hired for all of you out there keep trying it will happen if you want

                  it bad enough and I would encourage you to call Captain BOB and his son Rob

                  I owe alot to them without them I would not have my job. Test everywhere you

                  can you may go broke in the process but it will be worth it in the end. Thanks

                  again to Captain bob and rob.



Capt. Bob, I followed your suggestion and ordered your video and tapes. They are everything you promised. I was able to follow many of your strategies for my oral interview, and as a direct result, I have been placed on the 'A' hiring list for OCFA. I owe this placement to you and your tapes! Up until I viewed them, I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. I just knew I was bombing out on my interviews. Now I realize I was giving them clone answers thinking that was what they wanted to hear. (The worst was last summer when I interviewed with Las Vegas, the oral board kept saying they wanted me to give them more. I didn't have a clue as to what they wanted. After I saw your tapes, I knew what I was telling them had nothing to do with me as a person, and they wanted to get to know me.) Your tapes showed me how to personalize my interview. Immediately I felt like I was no longer in a fog, but I had awareness to the interview process. Thank you very, very much! OCFA says they expect to hire everyone from the 'A' list over then next 2 years. However, they are still going to meet to prioritize the names. I am planning on adding letters of recommendation to my file. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks again for everything you do. Scott Callahan



Dear Captain Bob Just wanted to drop you a few lines to thank you for the free advice on your web page. I first found your site about a year ago when I was awaiting my fourth interview with my fourth department, and the advice your site gave me helped alot, I exited my interview number eight out of aprox. 120 and last week I got my call !!! I begin employment with Decatur Fire and Rescue, Decatur Alabama Tuesday January 2, 2001. And it feels great and it makes all the stress and all the trying of the last five years great. Thanks for the help!!! Sinceraly, Chris Phillips Absolutely nothing counts 'til you have the badge. Nothing!


 Hello Captain Bob!

I hope your doing well and are having better weather than us here in Chicago (too much snow and bitter cold)!! I just wanted to let you know that I received a letter from one of the police depts. a couple of days ago. This was regarding the results of my polygraph and psychological exams. I have participated in oral interviews before, but this was my first opportunity to undergo a poly and psych. I was not exactly sure of what to expect. However, I did purchase your psychological report back last summer and I am so glad that I was able to review it before attending. Here is the latest.... The letter informed me that I had passed both phases. I was excited and relieved. This past week one of the detectives called me to inform me that they will be coming over next week for a home visit. If all goes well, the final phases involve the oral interview and the medical exam.

I had to meet with a couple of their investigators at the station a couple of weeks ago, where I spoke with one of the sergeants. He stated that as long as I passed my poly, psych, and the background investigation, "it appears as though you've got a job because you are at the top of the list". I was so grateful to hear that. During the past year of testing, I have been fortunate enough to make a few lists, but I have never been at the top. I know that I owe a great deal of this to your advice and assistance. Well, its not finalized yet and yes, I do have more work that lies ahead of me. However, I just wanted to share my enthusiasm about even being able to have had the opportunity to come this far. Thank you for providing me with the imperative skills and insight needed to follow through in an efficient manner during these various phases.

I have always enjoyed reading up on your fellow candidate's success stories. Two of my shorter term goals involve, yes receiving a badge, but also writing back to you some day as one of your humble "students" with news that I achieved that badge due to the educating of a great "professor"!! I will keep in touch!! Thank You!!

Take Care!!



Capt. Bob, I followed your suggestion and ordered your video and tapes. They are everything you promised. I was able to follow many of your strategies for my oral interview, and as a direct result, I have been placed on the 'A' hiring list for OCFA. I owe this placement to you and your tapes! Up until I viewed them, I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. I just knew I was bombing out on my interviews. Now I realize I was giving them clone answers thinking that was what they wanted to hear. (The worst was last summer when I interviewed with Las Vegas, the oral board kept saying they wanted me to give them more. I didn't have a clue as to what they wanted. After I saw your tapes, I knew what I was telling them had nothing to do with me as a person, and they wanted to get to know me.) Your tapes showed me how to personalize my interview. Immediately I felt like I was no longer in a fog, but I had awareness to the interview process. Thank you very, very much! OCFA says they expect to hire everyone from the 'A' list over then next 2 years. However, they are still going to meet to prioritize the names. I am planning on adding letters of recommendation to my file. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks again for everything you do. Scott



Dear: Capt. Bob, My name is Keith Bowen, and here is my story. A little more than two years ago, I ordered the oral exam package. Shortly there after I had an offer for my dream job. I had many dissapointing finishes along my journey. Then I used the nuggets, and finally I broke the cycle of clone answers. I finished third on my very next firefighter test, and was hired within three weeks. I would like to thank you for making my dreams come true! I just had my second year anniversary. Time flies when your having fun! I will be eligible for my first promotional exam in three more years. I want to be prepared when that opportunity arrives. I am taking all the trainging I can get. What else can I do to create promotional nuggets for myself? What should I order from your promotional package? I have the book " fire up your comm. skills". Thank you, Keith Bowen



I am in the running for the position of FF/PM with the City of Vallejo. I went through your sons seminars and wanted a little boost before I ride that wave to the shores of Vallejo, (and hope I'm not caught by a shark on the way there). This is my first Chiefs interview and there are going to be four on the panel. They are doing this very fast, Oct. 25 is my interview. They may hire eight, and I want to be in that eight of course. They took the raw score of my written which was 98/120, 81% (not to good but OK) and it was used as 60%, then my interview 100.33% (can't get much better) and this was 40% total. I was ranked 22 over all, not bad for my first interview after my seminar. I am very happy with my self and the money I spent doing it, and if it doesn't get me this job, there are better ones out there. So, I was looking for a little booster shot to KO the butterflies (which are good to have some) and help me role into this interview and kick butt.



A few years ago I was introduced to your program. At that time I purchased the video and audio tape series. I watched and listened to it numerous time and utilized the tools that you taught me. I purchased a tape recorder, listen to myself numerous times and review with friends and family as an audience, to help me prepare for my oral boards. I practiced over and over again. I rehearsed constantly until I got my script down. I even had your son come over to my house, twice for private coaching. While I was doing this I took tests in Virginia, North Carolina, Idaho, Washington, Colorado and California (my home state). I was the true "Energizer Bunny". My goal was to land a job by my birthday October 1, 2000. I received a call from the Larkspur Fire Chief on September 26, 2000 (Larkspur, CA). I rode that winning pony all the way to the finish line!!! What a birthday present! When I went to the oral board for Larkspur, I thought to myself "this is a twenty minute interview for a twenty year career". Thanks for you motivating program, I got the badge! Sincerely, Steven



Date: October 05, 2000 01:13 PM

               Author: texas wanna be (

               Subject: Captain Bob Bashing



               Well, here is my

               account. Before I received captain Bob tapes I took oral

               board after oral board. I thought it was everyone else but

               me. I never thought for a moment I was doing something

               wrong. I have more certs then I can list so why won't a

               department want me. Well, when I received the tapes I found

               out hard and fast. 30 days after I got the tapes I had an oral

               with a department and not only did I ace the board I found

               out afterwards the only bad score I got was one point were I

               did something the Capt. warned about not doing. Dumb Me.

               If your knew to this then all I can say is that it is very

               important to listen to everyone and then make up your own

               mind what's best for you. Captain Bob does not give you the

               answers to the board he just steers you in the right direction.

               Much like your captain will do when you get hired. Not to

               get the tapes and listen to see what you can get out of them

               shows me a lack of willingness to go the lengths needed to

               get a job. You don't have to agree with everything, but I can

               say my score went up and I mean up. I'm first on the list and

               in the back ground stages now. I hope to be posting I got a

               badge on here next week and I have one person to thank.

               Captain Bob Dear Captain. I owe you more then a thank you.

               When I get my badge I know I couldn't have done it without

               your help. I'm grateful to know that there was another

               firefighter out there wanting to help thank you from the

               bottom of my heart. Last If anyone thinks for a moment that

               the small amount of money the Capt. charges is a lot. Well,

               all I can say is I spent a lot more on classes I didn't need and

               if I had known 2 years ago about this I would have taken it

               then. I wish you all the best luck and hope that everyone gets

               a badge


               be safe




Date: October 05, 2000 09:59 PM

               Author: BB

               Subject: thanks


               I just faxed Capt. Bob this morning thanking him for his help.

               In just a phone session and him reviewing my resume, he

               helped me out extreamly. I fact, I have a Chiefs oral

               tomorrow and he just helped me out a lot.


               As for the dorks bashing him, I will wave to them as I drive

               by on big red.


Capt Bob I just wanted to thank you again for your help. I passed my psych test for Escondido Fire Dept. It was just like you said. They were looking for consistency in my answers and trying to give me a chance to shoot myself in the foot. From your report, I knew not to take the bait!! I begin on B or C shift at the end of the month as a permanent EMT with the possibility to promote to firefighter. Your products are very helpful and I have already told some of my friends about what you have to offer. Thanks again Capt Bob Timothy Harward



Thanks for you help. I already went by and thanked Rob for the informal coaching and answering of my questions when I spoke to him on the phone and at work. Today I finished the second day of the San Mateo County Joint recruit academy. I was hired by Menlo Park. I can't believe they are paying me to jog. Unreal. After Chief Ciucci from Daly City talked to us at opening ceremonies I felt proud to be there. Chris DeMeo who was previously coached by you was also hired by SSFFD and is my roomate. I will certainly recommend your program to people who ask me and you know they will. After all, Don't we all become "instant experts" once we get hired? Just kidding thanks from both of us. Randy Kelly badge # ?

Capt. Bob I received the call on September 29, 2000, approximately a year after I ordered your tapes. I was offered a position with Las Vegas Fire & Rescue. I cannot begin to tell you how much your advice (NUGGETS) helped me. I listen to my very first tape recordings and boy did I sound bad! With practice like you suggested and the help of my wife who is getting the biggest bunch of flowers I got the job. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I hope someday I can give other fire fighter hopefuls a little of the kind of help you have given me. Once again THANK YOU!



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